Thursday, 22 May 2014

Best Disneyland Paris Book

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I'm super excited to share my favourite Disney book ... and of course mine is the best Disneyland Paris book ... 'Disneyland Paris - From Sketch To Reality'!

With 320 pages showcasing 750 photos, including 500 of the park and 250 Walt Disney Imagineering images, this book is simply bursting with a feast for the eyes of Disneyland Paris!

Some of the most impressive photos to appear are some aerial shots by Yann Arthus Bertrand showing Disneyland Paris as you've never seen it before!

I particularly love the photo of Big Thunder Mountain, since it really demonstrates the fact that it's the only BTM to be situated on an island; a feature unique to Disneyland Paris alone.

I also love this painting of Phantom Manor depicting what it would have looked like before it fell into ruin. It's amazing to see one of my favourite attractions in a totally different light!

Another favourite of mine is Space Mountain ... I'd LOVE to have this poster by Stuart Bailey framed!

 The page on the right has a little snippet of info I only learned while taking this photo! (You really do pick up something new every time you flick through this book!) The mountain that the cannon rests on is supposed to mimic a volcano, which is believed to impart it's energy into the cannon!

This really is a wonderful book for any Disneyland Paris fan ... or any Disney fan for that matter!

I feel like I know Disneyland Pairs inside out and yet when I first opened this book I was blown away by the amount of detail I'd never noticed before. There's plenty of eye candy that can't be seen anywhere else but within these (in my best Jafar voice, ahem) 'paaages of wondeeer'.

If you'd like to see more please check out the video below from the project creator for this book Alain Littaye himself! It shows a quick view of all the pages inside if you really want to get an idea of the magnitude of images included.

Another fantastic review comes from Steve from Dedicated to Dlp - he bought his copy from the park back in 2002 and shares his favourite pages below.

As Steve points out, this book sold out very quickly when first released. However Alain Littaye has made this book available once more! You can now purchase one of a limited number of copies in English or French through his blog Disney and More.

It's a wonderful book to add to any Disney geek's collection and although arguably a little pricey, it's most definitely worth it for a book this unique and special :)

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Dawn Cullo said...

What an amazingly beautiful book. I may never make it to Disneyland Paris but this book can sure take me there on a fantasy trip. Thank you for sharing and great videos too~ Dawn

Mike Ellis said...

Manda, what a great post! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge of Disneyland Paris, especially the tidbit about Big Thunder Mountain! That is so cool that it is on an island! What is your favorite fact that you've learned from the book -- or is it one of it's pictures?

Lisa Cameron said...

Wow! What a beautiful book! You can definitely see all the details they put into creating the park. Do you have a book suggestion for someone visiting DLP for the first time?

Becca Robins said...

WOW! Okay, that is it....I am booking a trip to Disneyland Paris (someday). This looks amazing! What is the best time of year to visit the park (beside Christmas time)?

Manda said...

Thank you Dawn! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you Mike! :) To be honest I haven't read the whole book yet! I always read bits and pieces whenever I pick it up :) But one of the first chapters I jumped to was Frontierland to read about my favourite - Phantom Manor! Apparently Walt had always rejected the idea of a dilapidated house inside a Disney Park and favoured the immaculate look of the Haunted Mansion in California. He once said, “We’ll take care of the outside of the Mansion, and the ghosts will take care of the inside”. But Imagineers knew that language barriers in Europe would make it difficult to use descriptive signs to explain this. Communicating with symbols was essential, so they designed the exterior of Phantom Manor to send the message that it had fallen into decay and that something mysterious might be waiting inside. Imagineers took great care to age the Manor artistically – the subtlety of the process was crucial to Ron Esposito who said “Since bad weather comes in from the East, we aged the right side of Phantom Manor quite a bit, to give the appearance that harsh weather had been hitting the building for dozens of years. Brighter colours were used on parts of the building that would have been more protected from the bad weather.” I had no idea this amount of thought had gone in to the design process for Phantom Manor! Pretty neat huh?? :)

Thank you Lisa! I haven't really looked at many guide books for DLP ... I've always used this site which is absolutely astounding when it comes to planning information! :) Let me know what you think if you have a look! :)

Thank you Becca! I LOVE when I manage to make people want to visit DLP! :P The last couple of times I've been I visited in late August and it was really quiet even though the weather is still good :) I've also been in July which was awesome because I managed to catch Bastille Day when they do an extra fireworks display! It's really busy as it's peak season but the fireworks are brilliant :) And you read my mind about Christmas time - I'd LOVE to visit then! :)

Rosanne said...

Manda - I miss my fellow MB Black Line blogger! I'm glad to see you in this loop. This is definitely a great read for me because it's something I haven't experienced for myself. I can't wait to pick it up!
Rosanne @ The Disney Point

:DISTherapy said...

Oh, how timely Manda- I couldn't wait to read this post! I may need to brush up on my Disneyland Paris factoids soon. The first time we visited, I lamented that I couldn't find ANYTHING on the net or in stores as a resource. NOW I have so many magical European connections, (like you!), that I know the next trip will be extra special. Is this the only book about DLP that you would recommend?

Manda said...

I miss you too Rosanne! *waves!*
Glad you enjoyed the post Didi! There is another book that comes t mind recommended by Steve from Dedicated to DLP! :) I'm no expert on DLP books but this one looks amazing!! I'm SO excited for your next trip!! :D xxx

Lin @ DisneyMamas said...

What a beautiful book! Makes me want to get to DLP even more! There is something incredibly magical about that park!

Beth Green said...

Every time I read your blog I tell myself, "One of these days..." Yes, one of these days I"ll visit DLP and will have to use this book to help me! I love the photos taken from above! Does this book help plan a trip to DLP or just offer history and such?

Mary said...

Every time I see pictures of Disneyland Paris I want to go there. This book would just wet my appetite more.

Manda said...

Thank you Lin and Mary! :)
Thank you Beth! No trip planning information ... I go here for that :) But plenty of history and little stories about the park ... it's fascinating! :D x

Jennifer Lissak said...

That looks like a great book - I'm sure a book filled with photos of that beautiful castle is a great one to have!

Melissa Knight said...

I had no idea Big Thunder Mountain was on an island at DLP. That is so cool! This book looks amazing. I'm adding it to my Disney reading list. :)

Anonymous said...

Would you like to review my novel "My Affair with Mickey?" It's set at Disneyland and is about a woman named Mini who discovers her husband is cheating minutes before winning the largest prize in the history of the park. I'd be happy to email an electronic copy. It's also available free on Kindle Sept. 7th. Tami Casias

Manda said...

Hi Tami! I'd love to read your book! :) I sent you an email :) x