Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Disney Dreams! at Christmas!

 Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Black!
Enjoy the ride as we celebrate the Holidays at Disney!

This months topic ... What events are you looking forward to or wish you were seeing/attending!

Mine was easy peasy ... this year I wish I was going to Disneyland Paris to see the all new
Disney Dreams of Christmas!

This isn't simply Disney Dreams altered a bit for Christmas ... oh no ... this is a whole new show!

Olaf the Snowman from the all new Disney movie Frozen leads guests into a magical show featuring Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi and an awesome rendition of the Nutcracker from the characters of Toy Story!

I was hoping there would be a video posted in time to show you guys on this loop ... luckily ... there is! Even though the premiere of Disney Dreams at Christmas was only this past Saturday, youtube user Fabien Marliot has managed to share a video of the entire show! So a special thank you to Fabien!

Watch with caution ... you may need a blanket to contain the goosebumps!

Since I know I wont be visiting Disneyland Paris this winter I snuggled up to watch this 20 minute spectacular with some hot chocolate ...and it. was. brilliant! I loved that I spotted some of my most favourite Disney Christmas scenes, and I heard some of my favourite carols too!

This is a must watch for anyone looking for a bit of Disney Christmas spirit! I wish I could see it in real life but thanks to the wonders of the internet I can enjoy this amazing bit of Disney Christmas magic from home.

EDIT - Hot off the press!! My Disney buddy Steve from Dedicated to Dlp has posted his thoughts on Disney Dreams of Christmas! He was at the premiere on Saturday, so for a pretty detailed review you can check it out here! :)

 Thank you for joining me today!

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Heidi Strawser said...

Wow! That show looks absolutely stunning! I'm sorry you can't see it in person, but the video is definitely the next best thing! I hope to one day get to visit Disneyland Paris. :)

Melissa Knight said...

This show is amazing! I did get goosebumps. :)

Mary @Capturing Magical Memories said...

I love the new shows they are doing. And I would love love love to see one at Disneyland Paris.

Rosanne said...

What an amazing show! I really want to get to Europe someday soon and now it looks like that someday will have to be around the holidays. PS- I can't wait to see Frozen! What a tease. Thank you so much for bringing some DLRP in my life :)
Rosanne @ The Disney Point

Beth Green said...

WOW! That's outstanding. I would love to see it in person!

I'm Diane said...

I wish I were there, the show looks amazing ! Love Olaf from frozen :-)

Deb Silhan said...

Oh that looks like a beautiful holiday show! I'd love to see it sometime!

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

Thanks for sharing a slice of DLP Christmastime!

Lisa @ homeiswherethemouseis said...

That was beautiful! I didn't anything about it. I bet it's amazing to see in person.

Lisa @ homeiswherethemouseis said...

That was beautiful! I didn't know anything about it. I bet it's amazing to see in person.

Pixie Brenda said...

That show is awesome! I sure wish you could make it over to see it in person. Maybe next year?

Pixie Brenda said...

This show looks amazing! I am sorry you won't be able to go over and see it in person. Maybe next year? :)

I'm Diane said...

Love it, I wish I could go it looks like an amazing show. I love all the DlP I get to see on your blog ;-)