Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I missed a big one!

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This month's topic is, What attraction do you skip? Or is there an attraction you've never experienced?

I can honestly say I have been on every single attraction in Disneyland Paris ... though I guess it isn't much of a surprise!

It did take me to the ripe old age of about 23 to get myself onto the roller coasters though! I'd always been terrified of Space Mountain since my first try when I was around 12. It was my first ever experience on a roller-coaster, our train got stuck in the launch cannon and we had to climb out ... not a good first experience at all!

Ever since then I'd avoided it and I'd let a growing fear of roller coasters fester ... until my boyfriend decided I was missing out on far too much fun and literally forced me onto Space Mountain in an effort to help me overcome my fear! There were tears ... but I suppose I went willingly (mostly). I'll never forget him pulling my over shoulder harness down before I could change my mind and giggling to himself because there was no going back now! But he did hold my hand (I think he regretted it though) and I screamed my way through it ... but sure enough by the time it was over I wanted to do it again! All thanks to my persistent boyfriend who I hated at the time but am thankful to in the long run ... because now I love roller coasters!

So seeing as I've been on absolutely everything in Disneyland Paris, I had a think back to my trip to Walt Disney World in 2011. I missed a big one in the Magic Kingdom for sure ... Splash Mountain!
I'll be honest ... it wasn't the warmest of days and after seeing how wet people got on it we thought we would leave it until the end of the day :) But the thing is ... the queue never seemed to go down! Even towards the end of the day the queue was over an hour long. So ... we skipped it :( I didn't mind too much because just looking at that drop made my tummy flip! Sure, I can go on the biggest roller coaster you can find no problem! But for some reason Splash Mountain gives me the heebie jeebies! Maybe it's the lack of harness or seatbelt lol!

Have any of you guys been on Splash Mountain? Is it as bad as it looks!? :P

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