Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Oh là là ... and Pop Tarts!

Welcome to those of you joining me from The Disney Chick and those of you just hopping aboard!
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This month's topic is our favourite thing to do outside of the theme parks!

When I'm in Disneyland Paris one of my favourite things to do is visit ... Paris :) It's SO easy to get to, since the train station is right at the gates of the park! Last time I checked a train to Paris was around 7 euros and takes around 45 minutes. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any photos of my trips to Paris ... the last time I went while also at Disneyland Paris was probably around 10 years ago (jings I hadn't realised!) when I most likely did not have a digital camera o.O

However ... lets use out imagination ... the Eiffel Tower ... Arc de Triomphe (and the crazy traffic around it ... which is pretty entertaining!) strolling through Montmartre ... the shopping ... the food! (I LOVE cheese ... pain au chocolat is another favourite French food, and I've yet to try a real French macaroon!) Paris is a fascinating and beautiful city full of inspiring and interesting people and wonderful things to see and do!

When I was in Walt Disney World a couple of years ago one of my favourite things to do outside the theme parks was quad biking! But ... once again I don't have any photos! :( No way was I taking my gorgeous new camera quad biking! :P But it was fantastic!

Another favourite thing to do was ... now I can see my fellow american blogorailers and any american readers laughing at my simpleness ... but I loved going to the mall ... and Wal-mart! There! I said it!

Seriously ... the Florida Mall and Wal-mart are nothing like the shops in the UK! Everything seems to be bigger and better! I mean ... sure we have little pick and mix stands but nothing like THIS.

Oh and candy apples the size of your head!? Yes please!

One of my favourite shops was Hot Topic, I got a Pink Power Ranger t-shirt!

Moving swiftly onto Wal-mart ... are you kidding me ... is this many Pop Tart options normal for you guys in America?? Cause over here we get Chocolate ... or Strawberry ... that's it! Maaaybe a Berry one if you're lucky ... unless we go to an American Candy store ... where they charge you a limb or two per box :P

So ... the Pop Tart options blew my mind. Then I saw these! I mean ... are these apples individually hand polished or what? What's the deal here?!

And don't even get me started on ready to bake cookies with cute little patterns on them ...

So yes ... shopping is one of my favourite things to do outside the theme parks in Florida. At least being indoors gives my pasty Scottish skin a break from the sun! :)

What are your favourite things to do outside the theme parks??

Thank you for joining me today :)

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