Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Collecting Disney Music

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This month's topic is our secret (or not-so-secret) Disney obsessions!

I don't really have a secret Disney obsession ... all mine are very much out in the open!

Apart from being obsessed with all things Disneyland Paris (which I thought was a bit obvious) I love to collect as much Disney music as I can!

The reason it's not so secret? I blast it out my speakers whenever a need a pick me up!

I have loads of music from Disneyland Paris parades and shows, as well as plenty from Disney movies ... check out just some of my collection!

I think I got these round about 2003 in Disneyland Paris :) My whole family went to Dlp that year for my mum's birthday so these bring back loads of awesome memories!

Happily Ever After is a collection of instrumental Disney Love songs ... perfect for relaxing to on a summers night :) I also love the wall-e soundtrack which comes in all recycled packaging!

The Legend of the Lion King Soundtrack is from 2005 I think :) this was an amazing show held in the Videopolis Theater in Discoveryland, Dlp. And the Lion King Broadway Cast Recording is from the Lyceum Theatre, London, where I went to see the show in 2009!

The Best of Disneyland Resort Paris was for the 15th Anniversary, I'm pretty sure I got this on Amazon :) Une Journee A Disneyland Paris is from Dlp although I can't remember the year I got it ... maybe around 2005 :)

The Haunted Mansion and Disney's Electrical Parade are both from Walt Disney World! I got them on my trip to Florida in 2011 :) I've always been fascinated with the Haunted Mansion and couldn't wait to see how it compared to my home-park's Phantom Manor! And the Electrical Parade took me right back to Dlp 1992 when I visited for the very first time! I couldn't believe it was in Florida when I went!

Probably one of my favourite Dlp songs ever is 'Dancin' a Catchy Rhythm', it takes me right back to all my Family Holidays in Disneyland Paris and can brighten even the dullest of days! :)

What's your favourite Disney Music??

Thank you for joining me today :)
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Rosanne said...

I too am obsessed with Disney music and it's NOT a secret! I buy every soundtrack that I can get my hands on. I listen to the parades and fireworks shows as much as possible to get my mind to a happy place. As you know, I've never been to DLP, but I listen to Sorcerer Radio ALL day long and I LOVE "dancin' a catchy rhythm!" It's so upbeat and happy! Thanks for sharing!
Rosanne @ The Disney Point

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

We love Disney music and have many soundtracks and park cds. I think my children's favorite is the soundtrack from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. They would listen to it year round if I let them! :-)

Heidi said...

Wow - you do have a lot of Disney music! That's awesome! Friends of ours visited DLP this past year and brought me a pin for my collection. :)

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

I still love the Lion King soundtrack! It was THE anthem of my adolescence LOL!

Lisa @ homeiswherethemouseis said...

New reader here. We found your page while riding the blogorail. We love any parade music and have purchased some parade CDs. They come in handy for when our kids want to play Disney!

Manda said...

Hi Rosanne! I'm a MASSIVE fan of Sorcerer Radio too! It's the best! :D
Beth I love the Halloween music too :) and the Christmas tracks! I've never been during Christmas but it's on my bucket list! :D
Heidi did you get a Dlp pin?? :D (I know it's from DLP but I mean a DLP themed one :) heehee)
Tricia!! The Lion King is your anthem!? lol! I shall think of you next time I'm jamming to Hakuna Matata! :P
Hi Lisa! Hope you enjoyed my blog! :D I'm heading over to yours right now! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been collecting Disney CDs for 21 years now.

Once I went to Paris by bus to get the "Sleeping Beauty" Soundtrack from, I think 1995, because it contained "Blue Bird", my favourite tune.

Everytime there is a new Broadway Musical, I don´t cry because I am too poor to fly to NYC, but I am happy to hear the Cast Album ad nauseum :-).