Monday, 12 November 2012

One Woman Disney Series by Sidonie Smith!

Happy Monday one and all! If you've read my blog before, you may remember my 'Disney Lols' I used to post on a Monday for anyone who needed a giggle ! (Cause let's face it ... Monday is my least favourite day of the week ... so I'm pretty sure it's the same for many of you guys too!)

I haven't posted any in a looong time ... but today ... I have a very different way of bringing you a smile! If you haven't heard of her already ... may I introduce to you the amazing ... Sidonie Smith!

Isn't she awesome!? This is the first video from her One Woman Disney Series ... after this one I couldn't wait for more! Sure enough, another appeared a few weeks later!
If you love Hercules ... you'll LOVE this!

And I can reveal that Sidonie is releasing the latest video in her One Woman Disney Series ... today! Here it is! :D

This new video is absolutely astounding ... I just can't find enough words ... it's brilliant!! What do you guys think!? :)

Please head on over to her video and show her the love she deserves for this awesome piece of home-made Disney magic!

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Sidonie to find out more about her One Woman Disney Series and a little about herself too!

Tell us a little about yourself ... where are you from? What's it like there? What do
you do for a living?

I am a Miami girl -- a regular sun-loving, flip-flop-wearing beach bum. However, my current
home is beautiful Vienna, Austria! Vienna is so very different from Miami - there's no beach,
but there sure are some awesome sites to see-- especially at Christmastime!

As for "work", I play a nun for a living! I'm in the original Austrian cast of the Broadway
musical "Sister Act"!

I hear you have your very own Prince Charming! How did you two meet?

I met Charming once upon a time while we were doing a musical together! Since then
we've done just about everything together! He even helps me shoot my One Woman
Disney series! :)

Where did your passion for all things musical begin?

Long before I can even remember! My mom dropped me off at my first piano lesson when I
was 4, and I haven't stopped since then. I was really blessed to attend performing arts schools
from kindergarten all the way through high school graduation, and I had opportunity to
experiment with different instruments and well as visual arts, dance, theatre and more. I
started composing and arranging for strings when I was about 12 because of an assignment
from my school orchestra teacher, and after that I was officially hooked!

Have you ever worked at any of the Disney Parks? What was it like?

Yes! Working at Disney's Animal Kingdom was a dream come true. I couldn't believe I was
being paid to go to the happiest place on earth every day and make people smile! I performed
in a show called Safari Celebration and got to meet sweet people from all over the world! I
think my favorite part of working for the Mouse was the wonderful atmosphere! From park
guests to other Cast Members, it really is a happy, positive place to be!

What inspired you to do your awesome One Woman Disney Series?

Well, I was definitely inspired by my friends' Nick Pitera and Heather Traska's one person
Disney videos! They are both phenomenal YouTubers and such genuinely great people!
As for me, I love a good artistic outlet! Although I have the opportunity to work on such an
excellent production every day, it really is exhilarating to get the chance to not only perform
but completely design, arrange and bring to life a vision like I can with this One Woman
Disney series!

You're videos are amazing! And you put them together yourself from scratch! How on
earth do you go about doing that!? What's the process like?

Believe or not, all the magic my living room! :) I usually write the arrangement
and record from my couch. Then I begin designing makeup, story boarding and sketching out
my filming schedule. Charming and I shoot everything over the course of a couple days and
then it's back to the couch for editing :)

Your make up looks are gorgeous! How do you come up with them? Do you have a

Aww, thanks! I think my favorite is the Leopard Eye look from my first One Woman Disney
video. I actually got so much feedback on that look that I decided to do my first ever make-up
tutorial based on it (you can find it on my channel under Leopard Eye Tutorial). My
inspiration mainly comes from the films. That's where I get my color palette, and then I build
my concept based on the characters from there! I love big, bold eye shadow and glitter! I've
always been a girl who gets dressed from the eyelids down! ;)

Out of the videos you've done so far, do you have a favourite and why? (It doesn't
have to be a Disney one! :) )

Well, I think I'd have to say this one (Reflection)! I love that it's multi-lingual, but more than
that, I love the concept and the message this video conveys!

Do you have plans for more One Woman Disney Series future videos? Can you give
us any teasers?

Absolutely! I have a new one in the works already! All I can tell you is that it will feature lots
of larger than life characters that you've never seen from me before! ;)

What's your all time favourite Disney movie?

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"! But I'm also very partial to "Up"!

Do you have a favourite Disney character?

Hmmm..that's a tough one. I'm going to go with Ed :) (The Lion King)

Finally ... just for me ... have you ever been to Disneyland Paris?? (If yes, what was
your favourite thing about it? If not ... what would you look forward to the most?)

Not yet! But I have a trip planned for this Christmas! Im so excited:). If anyone out there has
suggestions or must-sees for me please tweet me (@siddielove)!


I'm sure I have a reader or two who can help out with Disneyland Paris suggestions! Including myself! :P I'm so excited for you Sid!! You'll have an amazing time! :D

You can find Sidonie at all these places!

Instagram: siddielove
Twitter: @siddielove
Pinterest: siddielove

She posts backstage pics, Sister Act fun and Disney Series updates regularly! If you decide to follow her please say hello! She'd love to meet you! :)

Thank you SO MUCH Sidonie for sharing your amazing talent with the world!! And thank you for allowing me to interview you for all my Disney loving readers! I wish you all the best in everything you do and I can't wait for the next video in your One Woman Disney Series!