Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Disney's Fantillusion Parade

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Black! Enjoy the ride as we share our favorite night-time shows in Disney!

My favourite night time show is, without a doubt, the Disney Fantillusion Parade in Disneyland Paris!

Every night in the Summer Season, darkness falls over Main Street for this absolutely magical parade! With 12 floats and 3 'acts' ... if you're lucky enough to be there you're in for a treat!

Beginning with Mickey's Magical Garden, we're greeted by the big cheese himself to welcome us to the parade!

Following Mickey is Flora's Gazebo featuring all three fairies from Sleeping Beauty! Next up is Fauna's Carousel, then the Enchanted Butterfly flower!

But just when you think it's all magic and rainbows ... some of the most famous Disney Villains show up! And boy do they do it in style! Maleficent and Jafar transform into their dragon and snake alter-egos and tower high above the crowds, while Ursula emerges from her float in her larger than life form to cackle at her evil plans!

But alas ... this is Disney ... good always triumphs over evil ... and we are met with a Happy Ending Finale! Snow White and her Prince, Ariel and Prince Eric, Belle and her Beast and Jasmine and Aladdin light up the street with magical stars from giant disco balls! Finally a gorgeous Princess Minnie waves us farewell!

A whopping 400,000 light bulbs are used across all the floats, as well as 60km of cabling! To power the floats, 9 tonnes of batteries are used every night and recharged for the next day. And music from the film each float portrays is woven into the main Fantillusion theme!

Although Fantillusion currently my favourite night-time show, I'm pretty sure Disney Dreams! will replace it once I finally get to see it! I'm hoping to return to Disneyland Paris next year :)

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Scarlett | Disney Wonderland said...

Amazing pictures!! I wish I was there xx