Monday, 19 March 2012

20 Days to 20 Years! 1996 and 1997!

The 20 Days to 20 Years series continues! Last week we saw another two wonderful articles!
On Thursday, our very own co-host, the awesome Beth from Pursuing the Magic, took us on a magical journey back to 1996 in Disneyland Paris!

She shared a wonderful video of Pocahontas, le Spectacle! I couldn't believe I'd never see it before! :D

On Friday the one and only Donna Marie from DISTherapy took to the spotlight! She told us all about Disneyland Paris back in 1997!

With some help from Anthony at Euro Souvenirland, Donna Marie told us all about Disneyland Paris' 5th Anniversary! Click here to read more!

Didn't my two co-host so a wonderful job!! The pressure is on to bring it when my turn comes around!

Please be sure to check out everyone who has participated so far!


:DISTherapy said...

Thanks Manda! When "your time comes", I know you, our Disneyland Paris aficianado, will prevail!!