Thursday, 15 March 2012

20 Days to 20 Years! 1994 and 1995!

Has it been another two days already!? I don't know where this week has gone! :P
The 20 Days to 20 Years series has continued with 2 awesome new entries!

Yesterday the wonderful Debs from Focused on the Magic took us back to 1994 with a fantastic video of what was going on in Disneyland Paris 18 years ago! (Did I say 18? GOSH I feel old! :P) Click here to read her piece and to see the video :)

Today the brilliant Diane from Can Do It Mom takes us back to 1995, telling us about the opening of one of my favourite attractions - Space Mountain! As well as some other cool facts about Dlp in 1995 :) Click here to read more! :)

This series is so much fun! I'm having a blast reading everyone's entries! I'm pretty sure my co-hosts Donna Marie from DISTherapy and Beth from Pursuing the Magic are too! :) We can't thank all participants enough for getting involved in this exciting project! :)

Please click the link below to catch up on the years covered so far! :)

Have a Magical day everyone!! :D


:DISTherapy said...

Deb and Diane- Nothing but thanks!!