Thursday, 2 February 2012

Disney Dreams! Update!

There's been a lot of news floating about for the new Disney Dreams! show ... I'm getting more and more excited everytime something new pops up! First up, I just came across these awesome photos from Park Paradise!

Doesn't the castle look cool!? :D

There's also a wonderful video of some testing of the fireworks from  Le royaume enchanté de Disney on Facebook! Please check it out! It's not to be missed! :)

There's also been a lot of cool photos popping up on the InsideDLParis twitter! Here's some of the work going on in Central Plaza and a peek of the fountains in the moat around the castle! 

I cannot recommend InsideDLParis enough for Disneyland Paris news! Please check it out!

But one of the most exciting revelations I've read about is that Disney Dreams! will run all year long! In Disneyland Paris, firework shows have always been limited to the summer months and seasonal events such as Halloween. However, Disney Dreams! is set to change all that! Nightly performances will take place year round  ... which is leading to even longer opening hours for the park!

I. Can't. Wait!