Wednesday, 21 December 2011

12 Days of Disney Christmas! Day 10!

I know this isn't Wordless Wednesday at all! lol! But it does fit in with the theme - "Joy!" Because I love to make yummy goodies in the kitchen! And I figured the sooner I share this recipe the better so that y'all might be able to try it in time for Christmas! :)

Welcome to Day 10 of my 12 Days of Disney Christmas!

♪ ♫ On the 10th day of Disney Christmas Mandas Disney Blog shares with you ... ♪ ♫ 
10 Cinderella's Christmas Mice Truffles!

I haven't done a recipe in SO long! Simply because I just haven't had the time lately! But when I came across these on I just had to try them :)

BUT then I found a very similar recipe in a Christmas cook book that had coconut in it ... and I love coconut! So I used a different recipe but they were still the same cute Cindarella's Christmas Mice Truffles! :) Don't ask me what's christmassy about mice shaped truffles ... they're in Christmas cookbooks for some reason and they just so happen to relate to Cinderella too so I'm rolling with it! :P

Here's what you will need :)

I changed some ingredients a little - I used pink food dye instead of red and I used Strawberry laces instead of liquorice laces :) I picked up some white chocolate buttons to make ears and could only get white cake-decorating balls but they work just as good as silver :)

I actually doubled the ingredients to make loads of mixture because they sounded so yum! :) I only made 10 mice for this post and then used the rest to roll into regular truffle ball shapes :)

Mix the icing sugar and condensed milk in a big mixing bowl.

TIP! It's easier to colour the mixture if you colour the condensed milk first and then mix in the icing sugar! I made these a second time and tried it and it worked! In this attempt I tried to colour it after all the ingredients were mixed together and it was really hard! You'll see further on! :P

Then mix in the coconut.

If you want, add some food colouring! :) The mixture was quite stiff and hard to mix, so I transferred small amounts into a smaller bowl for mixing in food colouring - it was much easier! :)

This is definitely the tricky part! :P To make a body, dip a spoon in some warm water and let the water drip off. Lift a spoonful of the mixture and pat it smooth on top. Turn the spoon over and drop the shape onto some plastic food-wrap. It might need a little help to slide off but be patient! :) Pinch the thinner end of the shape to create a nose. Then decorate your mouse! 

Add 2 candy balls for eyes, and make some ears with the chocolate buttons. Snip a small section of red lace and push it under the back of the body for a tail :) Leave the mice to harden and then peel them off the plastic wrap. You can put them in the fridge to speed up this process :) I kept mine in the fridge because I found that they softened and stuck to the plate I had them on at room temperature.

You can use different sized spoons to make little and large mice! :)

And here they are! 10 Cinderella's Christmas Mice Truffles!

Trust me ... these are amazing! I put them out after dinner and they didn't last long at all! :P

If you get the chance (time is like gold dust this time of year I know!) definitely try these out! It's super easy, there's no 'cooking' involved and it's easy enough for kids to join in too! :)


Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Thanks for the fun recipe! You always have the best ones!
I'm giving them a try for a NYrs party!

Kelly said...

Manda this recipe is so stinking cute! I HAVE to make them.

Holly @ Disney Fan in Colorado said...

So cute! I think I'm going to try these next week with the kids while they're still out of school. Thanks for sharing!

Manda said...

Thanks Debs! Let me know if you try them! :D Thanks Kelly! :D Thanks DisFanInCO! They are brilliant for kids to try :) Hope you have fun with it! :D

CO_MtnMom said...

Look at you! So talented!! I love this, thank you so much for the time and effort you obviously took to capture the pics and share with us :)

Little sugar bombs shaped like Cinderella's friends ... how can anyone not love these?

Mouse Fan Diane said...

They look so yummy. I love Coconut tooo.

Merry Christmas Manda...

Unknown said...

Those are so cool! You are my baking hero :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I am definitely trying this.

Manda said...

Thank you so much CO_MtnMom! Thanks Diane! Merry Christmas to you too! :D Thanks Melissa! :D I hope you do Dizzneemomma! :D x

:DISTherapy said...

These are adorable!! I wish I had 2 seconds between now and New Year's Day so I could give these a go. You'll have some lucky Holiday company!!!