Friday, 25 November 2011

The Disneyland Paris Survey!

This is SO exciting! In an official first, Disneyland Paris have created an online survey to find out more about Disneyland Paris fans!! The cool thing about this survey is that you can still take part even if you've never been to Disneyland Paris, they still want to hear what you think! :D

The survey can be completed in both English and French :) It also includes other Disney related questions not necessarily related to the Parks :) AND one of the questions is a tick list of Disneyland Paris websites that you visit - including some of my favourites Dedicated to Dlp and Designing Disney! Please be sure to tick them! There's also an option at the bottom for 'other' ... hint hint :P

The survey opened yesterday and will remain open until 12th December - so y'all have plenty of time to give it a bash! :D This is an awesome opportunity for Disneyland Paris Fans and general Disney fans alike to share what we think and what we would like to see at Disneyland Paris :)


Mary at Capturing Magical Memories said...

Great idea to add the 'other' sites.