Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tinkerbell Pumpkin!

Look what I've been up to! I found this awesome Tinkerbell Pumpkin Stencil at DisneyFamily.com!

I taped the stencil to my pumpkin and traced through the Tinkerbell shape!
Then I hollowed out my pumpkin and started carving :)

And here's the finished result! :D

Isn't it cute!? If I do say so myself :P lol!

Are you guys making any Disney inspired pumpkins?? :)

Be sure to check back tomorrow ... my brilliant bf made one too :) Wait till you see it! :D


Unknown said...

That looks awesome!

Manda said...

Thanks Melissa! :D I can't wait to see yours! :P

Amy@DisneyLiving said...

It turned out great! I made a Maleficent dragon one that was so cool!