Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Under the Sea Mr Crab Dinner!

I picked up this recipe card at Morrisons almost 2 months ago and completely forgot to show you guys! How cute is this?? :D

If you wana try this recipe, simply click on the photo to make it bigger :)

I haven't tried this recipe myself but it looks fun!

Although I'm not sure if I know any kids who would eat this ... cabbage and salad leaves?? But who knows, maybe with a little Disney magic and imagination they would forget it's a healthy meal and enjoy making and eating an Under the Sea Mr Crab Dinner! :D

Have a happy Tuesday everyone! :)


@MaryD73 said...

Ok, that is a bit scary. : )

Anonymous said...

My 7yo DD would like this very much if I don't cook the cabbage...but what in the world is mange tout? I'm gonna have to google that.

Manda said...

I think it's the snap pea used for the mouth! :)