Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pluto in Real Life!

So my boyfriend says he wants a dog ... what kind of dog? Well this sent us on a wild ride through the internet to see what dog would be the best! It took a while, but I soon thought hey ... why don't we get a real life Pluto!? But what kind of dog is Pluto supposed to be? :)

The first time Pluto appeared in a Disney cartoon was way back in 1931! He stars alongside Mickey in "The Moose Hunt", check it out below!

In this cartoon, Pluto was thought to be a bloodhound - with features such as long droopy ears, a wrinkled face and the fact than he's sniffing around the ground a lot of the time!

However, 20 years later in the 1951 cartoon "R'Coon Dawg", Pluto is portrayed a little differently... 

In this short, Pluto is thought to be a Redbone Coonhound ... mainly because he's helping Mickey hunt a raccoon! The Redbone Coonhound is a breed of dog widely used for hunting bear, raccoon and cougar. Coonhounds are in the same group as the breed Bloodhound, but they have a lot less skin. You'll notice that Pluto's skin isn't nearly as droopy as a Bloodhounds, further confirming that Pluto is most likely a Redbone Coonhound!

So what does a Redbone Coonhound look like in real life?

How cute!? But what's cuter than a dog? ... That's right ... a puppy!!

Cuteness overload!! Waaaah! lol!

So there you have it :) When we can get a dog, we shall get a Redbone Coonhound and call in Pluto! :D

Happy Thursday everyone! :)


Unknown said...

That puppy is adorable!

Unknown said...

great research!! :) good luck!

TSuttles Designs said...

The puppy pictures are precious. I can see the resemblance :-) Great blog!

Anonymous said...

My Uncle Bruce used to keep coonhounds and was a famous coon hunter (locally) as well as the county sheriff. I was always intrigued by his dogs and their baying.

I can't wait for you to get a puppy so you can share all kinds of stories and photos with us. I only wish there was a way you could share puppy breath too. I love that stuff!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

I had a coonhound, not a Redbone but Blue Tick. His name was Gort P. Farquart and he was the sweetest dog you could ever have. Good luck with your quest it's a fine breed.