Saturday, 27 August 2011

Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop!

I LOVE this hop! It's so cool to find out more about all my awesome Disney Blogger pals!
I was busy baking today :) Here's what I made! :) 

My mum loves these sweets so I topped some vanilla cupcakes with them for her :)

I also made some starry cupcakes and come chocolate cookies :)

These were loads of fun! :) Cupcakes with cookie dough in the middle! :) I made some cookie dough, rolled it into small balls and froze them for a couple of hours. Then added them to cupcake cases with cake mix in them and popped them in the oven :) When the cake mix cooks it rises up and over the cookie dough ball :)

Once done I topped them with chocolate fudge frosting!

Om nom nom! These were so good! :D

Please check out the other blogs in the Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop over at the Disney Bird Blog for more awesome SAMS posts! :D

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!


Monica said...

ok all of these yummy snacks just made me hungry! They all look so good :)
I love your disney blog, i just created a new blog devoted to disney. It is a work in progress, feel free to follow along!

P.T. said...

Yummy! I never thought about adding cookie dough!

In case you're interested, I just launched a Monday Munchies Blog Hop where us bloggers can share yummy Disney foods. Thought you might want to join since you always have yummy treats on your blog! :-)

Manda said...

Thank you Monica! :D I checked out your blog! It's awesome! :D
I'll check it out P.T.! It sounds brilliant! :D Thanks! :D