Saturday, 6 August 2011

SAMS Blog Hop! Harry Potter!

Last weekend I had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon! I had seen some of the movies before but not all of them ... so between Friday and Sunday night I managed to squeeze them all in! Then on Monday night I finally went to see the last movie! It was so ridiculously awesome!! Total emotional roller-coaster! Sorta like this! ... (hint - click on the photos to make some of them move)

I don't wana say what my favourite bits were incase some of y'all haven't seen it! I had to avoid anything Harry Potter online for ages in case of spoilers! I'm ashamed to admit I've never read the books ... I just don't seem to have the attention span for reading! lol! But after seeing all 8 movies in a row I've found myself obsessed and totally wanting to give them another shot! I've heard there's a lot that happens in the books that doesn't happen in the movies so I'm more intrigued than ever!

(I've also been playing about with different recipes for Butterbeer all week! It's been so much fun!! I'm planning on sharing my favourite recipe on my blog real soon!)

Are you a Harry Potter fan!? :D

Please hop over to Disney Bird's Blog to check out the 'Something about me Saturday' Blog hop! Thank's again so much to Bird for hosting this wonderful hop!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend!


Bird said...

Love the roller coaster, lol! But I have to admit, I've neither read nor seen any of the Harry Potter books or movies... not a sigle one! My hubby is a big fan so we have all the movies, but it's just never appealled to me. Maybe I'll have to give them a shot after all.

Can't wait for the recipe!

Manda said...

If you have them watch them Bird! They're all amazing!! :D Go do it now!! :P

Kathy said...

I've not read the books (my daughter has... several times each) but have seen all the movies save the one currently in the theater. Hubby took her on a "date" while I was working and they saw it together!