Friday, 12 August 2011

My Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe!

The Butterbeer has been one of the longest, but one of the most fun recipe adventures I've been on yet! Whilst Butterbeer from Harry Potter isn't Disney ... I thought I would still share it here! :) When I saw this recipe on Cooking with Mickey last week I couldn't resist! I've been a tad obsessed with Harry Potter lately :P Anyone who follows me on Tumblr will be totally aware! lol! 

So during the last week or so, I've been trying a whole bunch of different Butterbeer recipes from online to create one that's just right for me and my tastes! :) And here's the final result!

I tried to make it look as much like the one in the film as possible ...

I think I did an alright job! :P AND it tasted (in my best Ron Weasley voice) 'Bloody Brilliant!'

But believe me it was a long journey to get to Mandas Butterbeer! 
(If you can't wait - scroll down to near the bottom for my recipe!) 

The first recipe I tried was the one posted on the 'Cooking with Mickey Blog' please check it out for the full list of steps! Here are some snaps of how I got on ...

I found this recipe too sickly sweet! I don't normally like cream soda (which doesn't help ... duh lol!), but I thought I'd give it a go anyway - I figured it would taste different with all the other ingredients in there, right? Wrong! lol! I could still taste the cream soda a lot and it just wasn't for me :( So I ventured to the internet to see if there were other recipes :) I sorta dug a hole for myself doing this because there are so many online!!

I soon realised that there are 3 main parts to a Butterbeer recipe...

With this in mind I started to look at all the recipes differently ... I could take a syrup from one recipe, a mixer from another and a foam from another! Now this was getting interesting! lol :)  

From experience with the first recipe, I decided to avoid cream as the foam ... to me it just didn't work ... it kinda floated about the top and didn't mix in, and when it did, it went all lumpy! Ice cream on the other hand made total sense! If I could get foam similar to a coke float it would look perfect! I also decided to avoid cream soda since I don't like it! I love ginger beer! So when I found a recipe that included this AND ice cream I thought I was onto a winner ...

Butterbeer Recipe #1! (Source)

I put 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup butter, 1/2 cup half and half cream and 1/8 tsp salt in a saucepan and stirred until combined ...

Then I took the syrup off the heat, added 1 tsp vanilla and let it cool ...

Look at this syrup!! Seriously! It sparkles!! ... it was SO NOM!!

Then I took a scoop of vanilla ice cream - the real good kind with vanilla seeds in ... see? :) ...

I Put a scoop in a glass, topped with 1 tbsp of syrup and topped up with ginger beer ...

Look at the froth!! Give it a little mix ... the froth goes down don't worry :P

 And finally, I decided to top the foam with a little bit of syrup ... because it's amazing!!

Tah dah!! This recipe was SO yummy!! The syrup is to die for ... if you aren't going to make Butterbeer ... just make the syrup! Trust me! Make it! :P 

Whilst I loved this version because of the ginger beer ... something was bothering me. In the books J.K. Rowling describes Butterbeer as "a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch". So basically, Butterbeer is supposed to taste of butterscotch - this recipe didn't - it was totally overpowered by the ginger beer!

I tried using a store bought butterscotch syrup to see if the butterscotch taste would be stronger ...

'Store Bought Syrup' Version of Recipe #1

I followed the exact same recipe as above but replaced my home made syrup with this store bought one ...

The problem with the store bought syrup was that it was too thick! The home made syrup was much thinner and so it mixed in a lot more easily. The store bought syrup just sort of sat there at the bottom and when I tried to stir it, it just swooshed round in a big lump ... lol! The next recipe I had to try seemed to solve this problem by heating the syrup, so I gave it a shot!

Butterbeer Recipe #2 (Source)

I added 1tbsp butter and 1/4 cup store bought butterscotch syrup to a glass and microwaved for 45secs. I split the mixture between 2 glasses and topped up with ginger beer (instead of cream soda as the recipe says). It wasn't very foamy at the top to I added a magical scoop of ice cream! :P It fizzed up nicely!

This one tasted good! ... but way too sweet to drink the whole thing! My taste-tester sister was bouncing off the walls by now! lol! I still had one more recipe to try ... but I had a feeling it was going to be even sweeter because it had an extra ingredient - condensed milk!

Butterbeer Recipe #3 (Source)

I put 1/4 cup condensed milk, 1/4 cup store bought butterscotch syrup and 2tbsp butter in a glass and heated in the microwave for 45 secs. Meanwhile I heated some ginger beer in a saucepan (instead of cream soda as in the recipe). I divided the mixture between two glasses and topped up with hot ginger beer.

This recipe made an alright foam ... but not as good as ice cream foam! :P And guess what ... it was SO SO sickly sweet! Even more than the last one! 

Also, the taste was still bothering me ... the ginger beer kept overpowering the butterscotch flavour, even with a store bought syrup. So whilst doing laps round the kitchen desperately trying to run down my sugar high from trying all these Butterbeers, my sister (who'd been watching the whole time), said "Hey, why don't you try lemonade?" ... "Lemonaaaade?!?!" I burst into some sort of tune! (told you I was on a sugar high) "SURE! Whyyyyyy not!" The kitchen was in some mess by now so I figured I may as well keep going!

I decided to revert back to the magical sparkling home made syrup back in Recipe #1 ... partly because my sister and I had been nomming it with a spoon this whole time cause it was SO yummy and partly because it seemed to mix way better than store bought syrup. So here we go with my final, and what turned out to be the scrummiest, Butterbeer recipe!

Mandas Butterbeer Recipe!

1. Make home-made syrup as in Butterbeer Recipe #1 above! Let it cool.
2. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (the real good kind with vanilla seeds!) and 5tsp of syrup to a glass.
3. Top up with Lemonade! Yes! Lemonade!
4. Add 8 - 15 more tsp of syrup and mix gently (try not to stir in the foam). How many more tsps you add will depend on the size of the glass you use and on your personal taste! For me, 10 was just right :)
5. Serve right away!

What a brilliant foam eh!? :D

This was perfect! I would never have thought of lemonade but for some reason it just works! It's not nearly  as overpowering as ginger beer, and you can't really taste lemon with the ice cream and butterscotch mixed in! 

The important thing about this recipe is that it tasted of butterscotch but not soo sickly sweet ... just like it's described in the book! Even more exciting ... it gave me a foamy moustache ... just like Hermione in the film! High Fives all round!! After hours of a sugar roller-coaster ride I was glad to finally feel like I'd nailed it! I got super excited and started taking snaps of it next to the first book Butterbeer is mentioned in ...

BUT! I still wasn't happy ... the colour was the only thing about this Butterbeer that wasn't quite right. Solution ... good old food colouring! I used a gel one that I had delivered from America to make Rainbow Cupcakes a few weeks ago ... I love them! Best buy ever!! :P So in I went with a teensy bit of orange gel food colouring ... and look what happened ... perfect Butterbeer colour!

I plunged the spoon with the food colouring on it right down into the liquid part of the Butterbeer to try to avoid colouring the foam too ... it still got a little coloured but it wasn't too bad :)

I transferred it to a clean new glass slowly, keeping the foam till last ... and here's how it looked! I just loved it! You should have seen my victory dance round the kitchen!! ... or maybe not! lol!

TAH DAH!! It's fair to say I was pretty chuffed ... especially after soo many failed attempts! lol!

And like I said ... it tasted 'Bloody Brilliant!' ... Even Dan agrees!

Yahoo!! :D Have you guys tried making Butterbeer? How would you make yours? :D

Hope everyone has a Wonderfully Wizarding Weekend! 


Jen said...

Definately going to try this! i love that you made it look like the film. do you think you could add alcohol for parties??

Manda said...

Definitely! Some recipes either replace the syrup with butterscotch schnapps or toss the schnapps in there with everything else! I've seen another one that adds whisky!

Mrs. Mommy MouseEars said...

OMG, it's official! You are a Butterbeer expert :). This is some serious extensive research!! Fantastic post :)

Unknown said...

Hmm there are so many great recipes out there I want to try but this one I have to try because just like you I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Thanks for sharing the recipe you used.
Have a Magical weekend!

Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

Unknown said...

I am so impressed! I would not have had the patience to try as many different recipes but the final result looks amazing! (PS because of you I am saying brilliant all the time, its not the norm around here :)

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Wow, Loved the many adventures of Manda and Butterbeer!!!! Must try YOUR recipe. Thanks for all the research! I just saw HP DH2 for my birthday on Tuesday! I loved it but then I'm a huge fan and new I would!

Manda said...

Thank you so much Mrs! :D Thanks BookGirl! Melissa - lol!! Brilliant is a Brilliant word!! :P Thanks Debs! :D If you try it let me know if you like it! :D

Unknown said...

That sure was a lot of work!! I think I'm too lazy to make it myself, but now I know where to go if I want to try!

Bird said...

To be honest, nothing about it sounds good (I'm not a butterscotch fan at all), but I LOVE how you got the recipe down to a science. And it looks just like a perfect glass for a movie! Well done! Great work! And I love that Harry Potter gives it two enthusiastic thumbs up!!

Manda said...

Lol! He makes me laugh every time I see that picture! :P Thanks Bird! :D