Saturday, 20 August 2011

A little bit of America in Scotland!

This month there's something SO super exciting happening in Glasgow city centre, Scotland! It's being transformed into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA for filming an upcoming zombie movie - World War Z!

I decided to go check it out! It stars Brad Pitt but I've not been lucky enough to spot him yet :P Here's some photos I took last Monday and Wednesday!

Covering up our street markings!

That Zebra crossing wasn't there before!

More info on filming :)

This building normally says Ernst and Young!

Great way to hide our postboxes! lol!

You can check out a bunch of news stories on the filming in Glasgow here! My sister showed me a video someone had taken from a nearby building of the crew filming parts of a crash scene! But I can't find it again :( lol! Stay tuned and I'll add it when I do! :P

I found it!! lol! Check these videos out! There's lots more on YouTube if you wana to see more action!

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Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!


Unknown said...

That is so cool!

Bird said...

Thanks for joining :-) and how neat!! How interesting to see what all they go through for filming. I wonder how long this particular scene will show up in the movie for.

Manda said...

Probably all of 5 minutes! LOL! :P

Anonymous said...

Very cool Manda! Will you be going back to see any of the filming?

BTW...I'm Lucinda from Without a Care in the World. I joined Bird's hop last Saturday under one of my other blogs...Anonynoose. So I'm commenting under the same. ;o)

Manda said...

Oh hey Lucinda! I didn't know you had another blog! And I totally forgot to hop last Sat! I'll check it out! :D