Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Favourite Disney Character Moment!

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This week members of Magical Blogorail Black are writing about our favourite character moment!

I have a confession ... to he honest, when I'm in Disneyland Paris I don't tend to try to meet characters because of my age group! I know this sounds silly because in Disneyland everyone's a kid right!? :P My first visit after the opening in 1992 was in 2003 when I was 16. Most people will say I was still a kid, but I felt pretty adult at the time after my 'grown up' 16th Birthday party :P (Oh how naive I was! lol!) But since then, and now still, I always feel like I can't join in with character meet and greets. I'd feel just terrible taking up room and time in the queue with loads of bubbly ecstatic 5 year olds behind me who can't wait to meet characters! 

I'm not sure if there's a different attitude in America because I see plenty of photos of Disney fans from across the pond of all ages with characters! :) To me it seems more 'ok' for any age group to meet a character in the American Parks. But in Disneyland Paris, sometimes when you're trying to get a photo with a character who is doing a general appearance on say, Main Street, you often get funny looks from parents as if to say "You're too old for that, why are you getting a photo with Tigger? Get out of the way so my child can get in" etc ... that sounds harsh but I've seen it! So when there's a queue made up of 90% families with small children ... and the characters don't always have time to meet everyone who is waiting ... I would feel so bad meeting a character and potentially taking that experience away from small children in the queue behind me!

So what I usually do is catch photos of characters from afar :) One of my favourite character encounters was when I came out of the Tower of Terror last August and saw Goofy in full TOT attire!

As you can see he got totally mobbed! But I managed to lean over everyone and get a semi-descent shot of him! :) 

Another favourite character moment of mine was during the Fantillusion Parade one night last August :) I always insist on sitting  right up at the castle for the parade because it's one of the most magical places to see the fireworks from :) But one night my bf suggested we stay down the other end of Main Street near Main Street Station for a change. It was such a great idea because it was so quiet! We had plenty of room and from where we were sitting we could wander in and out of 'Bixby Babies' real easily to get snacks without loosing out spot! When the floats came round, the pavements weren't nearly as crammed as they usually are up near the castle and the characters could interact far more easily with Guests watching the parade! Mickey waved right at us!

I've used this photo before for a Wordless Wednesday post ... but I just love it so much! Maybe when the new permanent meet and greet area for Mickey Mouse comes to Disneyland Paris next year, I won't feel so bad about queuing up to meet my favourite Mouse! :P Do you guys have a favourite character moment?? :D

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Mary at Capturing Magical Memories said...

I know how you feel. I actually feel guilty taking charachter time away from the right age group. Yes - I still stand in the line. lol.

Manda said...

lol! I do not judge! :P It just seems like it's more ok to do over in American Parks! :)

Quirky Homemaker said...

We never take the time to meet the characters! There is too much else to do while we're there when we're usually just there for one day. We didn't even get to do everything I wanted to do last time we were in Disney Orlando. ummm. . . no comment on the adults in Paris. ;) ;)

Unknown said...

I know what you mean, most of the time I only meet the characters in Cafe Mickey. But what is the right age group? I feel bad for taking up the time for the kids, but aren't the Disney characters our heroes too? I once stood in line for a meet with Jack Skellington and Sally and a parent beside me said I was to old for that. At the same moment her kid turns to her and asks her who the characters were because she didn't know them. I just smiled at her, and waited for my turn. So that was my favourtie character moment meeting Jack and Sally. I love The nightmare before Christmas

Unknown said...

I usually skip characters if there is a really long line but if its short I hop right in You should get lots of character pics when you visit WDW, sometimes there are more adults that kids!

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

If our family ever makes it to DL Paris, I'll lend you a couple of kids to take you through the line ;)

Manda said...

That's terrible Book Girl! Imagine someone saying that to you! Pff! Glad you got the last laugh though when it turned out her kids didn't even know who they were! :P Brilliant! :D
I think I'll try Melissa! I'll see how things go ... but I get the feeling it's way more common for adults to queue in America! :P
Thank Tricia! lol! Sounds like a plan! :D

:DISTherapy said...

Manda- I absolutely noticed this difference when at DLP. I have many photos with characters from when my kids were small, but took my most recent at Cafe Mickey's in Disney Village!! (I guess it can be done :D)

Alex said...

It's funny you say that - I had a character actually turning away from me when I was trying to pose for a photo at DLRP! I was a teenager and I think it was Meeko, but even though when I approached no-one was there they immediately turned away and went over to some kids.

I wasn't wildly offended or anything, just found it weird and it put me off approaching characters in the US for years! Now I know they don't think we're bonkers there. ;)

I'm going to DLRP for the first time since the 90s next year, so we shall see!

Unknown said...

Interesting about DLRP! I wasn't a character person until I had my son.. now I make sure to see them everywhere.. he's too young to care most of the time, but I love meeting them!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

It's so funny because my mom always had her picture taken with the characters. Being a teen, I never had my pic taken with a character. Now as a mom myself, whenever we can meet them and have a picture taken . . . we do! :-)