Thursday, 18 August 2011

Disney Summer Surfboard Cupcakes!

Today's Summer Fun post is loosely related to the Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop theme:
Why I love Disney! 

There's so many reasons ... most are obvious ... 'Dreams Coming True' , magical memories in Disneyland Paris, goosebump-tastic and hilarious Disney movies, awesome Disney movie soundtracks that brighten my day! ... but a less obvious reason I love Disney is that it inspires me in my baking adventures! Along my blogging journey, a large part of my blog has turned out to be Disney inspired recipes! Disney helps me come up with cute and interesting baking ideas all the time ... like these cool Summer Surfboard Cupcakes! 

These are inspired by a recipe on for Phineas' Surfboard Cupcakes! But they could just as easily be called Lilo and Stitch Cupcakes too! :)

They were super easy to make! And oh so yummy too! :) I started by preparing the surfboards - these were made from a gingerbread kit I had lying around the kitchen :) It's much easier and quicker than making it from scratch! I rolled it out and cut it into 6 surfboard shapes. There's a template on the Disney recipe here but I just winged it :)

Pop them in the oven and voila! I could have made them thinner in hindsight ... the ones on the right kinda spread out a little! lol! The circle ones aren't total fails, they were left over dough lol!

Grab some coloured icing tubes and decorate! I tried to make fun surfboard designs :P

So with the surfboards complete, it was time to work on the cupcakes. I just used ready made ones :)
Then I made some frosting with this recipe - I used a quater of the ingredient amounts listed to give me enough for 12 cupcakes. Although I was only making 6 I wanted to make sure I had plenty to cover them and hold the surfboards in place :)

Then I made some 'sand'! :) I used a couple of plain 'Rich Tea' biscuits and crushed them up with the end of a rolling pin :) Then I was all set with my surfboard biscuits, cupcakes, frosting and 'sand'!

I frosted a cupcake, dipped it in biscuit crumbs and then pressed a surfboard biscuit into the cupcake!

Some of the surfboards started to fall over because I put them a little close to the back of the cupcake! So I used some extra frosting to prop them up :P The more cupcakes I did, the closer to the middle the surfboard got! :P

Ta daaaah!!

I have to admit ... these were pretty filling ... because it's technically two treats in one! :D lol!

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Happy Thursday everyone! :D


LizzyBeth said...

Yummy yummy yummy!! Cakes to be proud of!

Unknown said...

Those are really cute but then again, so are all of your cupcakes. :)

Unknown said...

too cute!! and so yummy!!

Bird said...

Me and the kids want to come and bake with you!! When's a good time for us to pop over? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yum!! ...and super cute.

Manda said...

Thanks so much guys!! :D Anytime is cool Bird! :P lol! :D

Mouse Fan Diane said...

Really cool, they look so yummy--