Monday, 1 August 2011

Disney Lols!

Gosh I'm struggling this morning! I spent all weekend cramming in a Harry Potter Marathon so I can go see the newest one in the cinema this week ... and I'm a little tired! lol! Hope you enjoy these Disney Lols!

This last one cracks me up! Ariel with Ursula's face is absolutely hilarious! lol!

Have a Magical Monday everyone!


Bird said...

Eww... that last one is kind of creepy! LOL!!

Unknown said...

LOL... I agree the last one is kinda creepy

Unknown said...

I find the last one really creepy, but it's also funny. Have a magical day!

Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

Amy - The Info Mouse said...

LOL Manda! I like the one with the Kitty wearing Mickey Ears :)

Jen said...

i LOVE ariel's face!!

Manda said...

I know right!? Makes me laugh every time! :P lol!