Sunday, 3 July 2011

Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop!

This should really be called something about me Sunday for me! :P I've only just sat down after a busy busy weekend! Hope everyone's had a good one! :D

Thank you to Disney Bird for hosting this awesome hop! Please check it out!

This week I went to see a little known band called "The Blanks" ... you may know them better as "Ted's Band" from the tv show Scrubs!

But here's the cool thing ... they're an a cappella band in real life too! They've just finished a tour of the UK and are headed for Germany, then America! They played a small venue in Glasgow last week which was awesome because you could see them from anywhere inside! Here's some snaps I took :)

They sing a mixture of funny songs they've written themselves, and 'real' songs in a cappella. The show was amazing ... so funny and they are all so talanted! Here's a video of one of my favourite songs they do:

In fact ... it's probably on of my favourite songs ever! I love the original too but this is so relaxing :)

And here's a compilation of them singing live in Los Angeles!

Have you guys heard of them? If you haven't, please check them out on youtube! :D

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Mouse Fan Diane said...

HI Manda, I haven't seen them before but they sound good. I will check them out on You Tube,


Manda said...

Great! Let me know what you think! They are pretty funny! :P

Bird said...

Manda, thanks for joining in again this week! Too funny, I had no idea "Ted's Band" was real! I learn some of the neatest things on your blog! Glad you had a good time!

Manda said...

Lol they sure are real! If you ever get the chance to see them, go! :P Thanks for hosting the hop Bird! I love learning more about everyone! :D

Unknown said...

How did I miss this? Scrubs was one of our favorite shows, thats too cool!

Manda said...

lol! They were great! If you ever get the chance make sure you go see them! :D I loe scrubs too! I was so sad when it finished! :( lol :P