Friday, 15 July 2011

Disney Magical Moments at Morrisons!

I popped into my local Morrison's store this week to find that they were doing a HUGE Disneyland Paris promotion for the Magical Moments Festival! So here's how it works - you buy certain items in store and you get a pack of Magical Moments Cards!

You can now also get one pack of Magical Moments cards for every complete £30 spent in store! (Two packs with £60 spent, three with £90 etc) So you don't even need to buy specific products to take part! Yipee!

If you find a Golden Card in your packet - you win 1 of 1000 magical stays at Disneyland Paris!

So what did I do? Set to buying marked products to get my hands on some packets of cards of course!
The way the products are marked throughout the store is really cool! There's lots of these character banners along the aisles - which I noticed was really fun for kids out shopping with their parents - "Look mummy Ariel! ... Look! Princess Tiana!!" lol! It was so much fun hearing kids spotting all their favourite Disney characters!

There's a cute little flashing light in the banner too that makes the star at the top sparkle!
There were also larger banners hanging from the roof - one had Flynn! *Swoon!*

I noticed a total absence of these banners in the sweet/candy aisle, the crisps aisle and the chocolate biscuits aisle! Smart thinking! :P No tantrums from kids wanting their parents to buy sweets to get cards in here! :P

Here's the products I picked up so that I could get some packs of Magical Moments cards!

I bake cupcakes all the time so I figured these will come in handy (one wasn't included but I can't remember which!) :P I also got a cute Tangled cake, a box of Andrex baby wipes for kids and a bag of clementines :) I think this lot came to around £8-£10, but since it was stuff I would use anyway I didn't mind! :) When I got my receipt, all these items had "Dsy" next to them :) Then I took it to the customer services desk where they counted up my "Dsy's", stamped the receipt and gave me 6 packs of cards! The lady could tell I was excited and offered me an album to keep all the cards in - when she pointed it out I was like "Oooh yes please!"

... then I realised it was £3.99! lol! To be honest, I thought that was a little expensive for what it is. £1.99 and they would be flying out the door - but I'm not sure parents will pay £4 for this. I thought maybe I would get a pack of cards with it ... but nope, it's £3.99 just for the album. But ... I couldn't help myself and bought it anyway! lol! (However, once I started to fill the album, as you can see further below, I was actually pretty pleased I had bought it. It sorta makes you feel like you own something special rather than just a stack of the cards!)

Packs of Magical Moments Cards clutched in one hand, cake mixes in the other, and collectors album under my arm, I dashed home to see if I had won a stay at Disneyland Paris! But alas ... no Gold Card! :( But once I opened the packs of cards I realised they were actually sorta like top trumps cards and you could play games with them! Gosh this was smart - I thought they were just character picture cards! There are two games you can play, explained in the back of the collectors album:

There's also some Magical Moments Festival information at the back and a small note saying that there will be a finishing service to get any cards you may need to complete the set - well thank goodness for that!!

The next day I passed Morrisons again ... and I couldn't help myself! I got more cards! lol! This time I went all out and bought a whole bunch of things like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, 2 kinds of yoghurt, Coca-Cola, Capri-Sun, Fruit-Shoot, corn flakes, jam, ketchup,  and toilet roll - giving me 12 packs of cards!! Yee Ha! But guess what ... no Gold card again! :( lol! But my album is pretty full now!!  I have some doubles and even triples of course! But the variety of cards you get is great!

Some are sparkly and some are silver, these ones are more valuable in the two games you can play! Here's a close up of all the cards you can collect, pictured on the inside of the cover of the album :)

This promotion if genuis! If it was just a case of finding a Golden Card among other picture cards, I don't think people would be as interested, because the chances of winning are kinda small. But because Disney have gone over and above and made the cards 'Collectable', and designed them so that games can be played with them ... these cards are desirable on their own, never mind with the added bonus of maybe winning a stay in Disneyland Paris!

And there's MORE! There is a second chance to win at ! :) Each week for 7 weeks, they're giving away an extra stay at Disneyland Paris in an online competition! AND everyone who enters gets an email with a special offer for stays at Disneyland Paris! I entered this competition this morning and haven't received an email yet ... but I'll keep you updated on what this special offer is! :)

Update I received an email 5 days later with an exclusive Disneyland Paris offer from Morrisons!

The 'Find out more' button takes you to a website called, which shows more details of this awesome offer! :)

What do you guys think of this promotion?? Will you be heading to Morrisons soon for some Magical Moments Cards? I know readers not in the UK can't :P but if you could, would you? :D

Have a Happy Happy Friday everyone!! I can almost see the weekend!


Disney on Wheels said...

I think its really cool. Thanks for the grocery store tour (I thought it was funny since we've been chatting about them all week). I can't wait to see the video once it loads :)

BookGirl said...

This is so cool, I wish we had something like this in the Netherlands!

Bookgirl @ My Magical Moments

Debs @Focused on the Magic said...

Wow, I think it's a great promotion. I wish we had it here.

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

LOL! Wonder if they would include airfare from the US!

Manda said...

lol! Wouldn't that be awesome Tricia! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL! I opened a pack today and found a silvery card! what does that one mean?? Please reply!

Manda said...

When you play Trumps with the cards, Silver ones score double points on all categories :) When you play Happy Families they are worth 3 cards instead of 1 :)

P.T. said...

Wow, that sounds like a fun promo! I wish they'd do something like that in the US. I would totally buy everything in the store to get those packs hoping to get a Gold card! Good luck, Manda! Hope you get one!

Manda said...

Thanks! :D Me too! :P

Lauren said...

I was hoping some of the cards would have been Kim Possible related seeing as there are some Phineas and Ferb related cards.

DisneyDVDCollector said...

I only need 3 to complete the collection not bad considering i only started a week ago


Manda said...

Wow! That's pretty good going! :P