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Coping with the Heat at Disney!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to another installment of my Disney Summer Fun Series! This weeks guest blogger is just amazing! It's Bird from the Disney Bird Blog!

I love her blog! Her fun and bubbly personality bursts through the computer screen! Oh and her little ones - Bug and Bubby - are the cutest kids ever! Bird loves to help make peoples dreams come true through their Disney Vacations! She covers looads about planning - from ways to save to what to pack! I love that she also isn't scared to share a lot of her personal life too - in May and June she shared the awesome story of telling her 7yr old Bug they were going to Disney! It was full of surprises!
Check it out here!

Bird also runs a Blog Hop every Saturday called the 'Something about me Saturday Blog Hop', check out the most recent one here! I just love this hop because it's a great way to get to know a little more about the people behind the blogs that you love! If you want to, be sure to join in the fun! :D

Thank you SO much Bird for taking the time to Guest Blog here at Mandas Disney Blog!

Woohoo!! It’s summertime!! I’m so glad to be joining Manda in her Summer Fun series. What an honor it is to have even been asked. Manda’s blog is always so much fun to read, from the Monday morning LOL’s to her yummy goodies and especially the wonderful photos of Disneyland Paris, where I can only hope to visit one day. Again, thanks so much for letting me join in on the fun!!

My family and I ventured to Walt Disney World the last week of May. I knew it would be pretty warm, but I figured we could take it, much better than say, June through August. No big deal... Ha! It was so hot. Apparently even sunny ol’ Florida gets heat waves when it’s already super hot in the first place. Oh, and no rain in sight, which wasn’t a bad thing. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (okay, maybe a little), I’m just trying to paint the picture… Even if it is a hot and sweaty one…

Here are a few things we did to stay as cool as possible.

Freeze bottles of water nightly to pack in your daily park bag
Each night we would stick bottled water in the freezer of our mini-fridge. In the mornings they would be frozen solid and tossed into our park bag. It would slowly melt off giving us a nice refreshing little drink throughout the day. When the water ran dry, no problem! We took advantage of the free ice water at the counter service locations throughout the parks. The bottles were easily refilled throughout the day with the ice waters and at water fountains. We'd save the bottles and refill and refreeze them at night.

Bring small battery operated handheld fans from home
Shortly after we arrived I gave the kiddos each a goodie basket, both including small handheld battery operated fans. Our local department store had several inexpensive models, these actually being the cheapest at only $2.50 (US) apiece, batteries included. This particular model had a clip attached to it making it perfect to attach to my daughter's pin trading lanyard giving her easy access to it anytime she began to get a bit overheated. The foam blades made them safe for my little guy to handle all on his own, which he loved. They came in quite handy to say the least!

Head indoors during peak heat times
When the sweat started to pour, and I'll be honest, it did pour, we headed indoors. We sought refuge in shops, shows, eateries and rides. We'd hit lunch a little later, getting us out of the heat during the hottest times of day and keeping us out of the heavy lunch crowds. We enjoyed indoors shows like The Lion King at Animal Kingdom, getting us out of the heat for at least a half an hour. You could spend plenty of time indoors perusing the latest Disney souvenirs, although that could end up being an expensive break, lol. And last, but certainly not least, take advantage of the indoor rides, especially those that allow you to wait in line in the cool comfort of the AC- rides like The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios, it's a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more!

Take a break to swim at your resort pool
If your kids are anything like mine, they'd go swimming anytime. Me? I want to spend my time in the parks while I can. With heat like that though, taking a break at the pool was definitely beneficial! While some folks plan to do some park touring in the morning then come back for an afternoon "rest" at the pool, that just doesn't work for us. Swimming, especially with my kiddos, wears me out. I'd need a rest from my "rest". We planned a pool day for the morning after a late night at Magic Kingdom with Evening Extra Magic Hours. This gave us the opportunity to sleep in a little, then head to the pool while it wasn't so crowded yet. When the sun was directly overhead and beating down, and the pools were getting packed we headed back to the nice air conditioned room for a true rest before heading out to the parks again that late afternoon. This worked really nice for us, but clearly you can adjust your schedule to whatever works best for you and yours.

Don't forget the sunscreen
While wearing sunscreen doesn't necessarily cool you down or anything, it sure keeps you from burning to a crisp in the bright summer sun. I'm sure we've all experienced a good sunburn at one time or other. Nothing gets you hotter, both internally and under the collar, than having that hot, tight, red skin and walking around in the heat. Don't spoil your time by forgetting to apply and reapply sunscreen. And remember those babies!

So, those were a few of the things we did to cope with the heat. I know there are plenty more great ideas out there. I'd love to hear yours!!

Thanks again for having me! I can't wait to see what great Summer Fun is in store for us next!

~Bird of DisneyBird

Wasn't that brilliant!? I loved the photos! They made me go "AAaaaaawwwww!" lol! It's sometimes easy to forget to stay cool in the Summer - especially at Disney! I'm just like Bird, I want to spend every moment I can in the Parks! But as Bird shows us - it's important to take breaks from the heat!

Once again Thank you SO much Bird for being my Guest! Be sure to check out the Disney Bird Blog for more insanely cute photos and awesome Disney tips and info!

Hope everyone has a T-riffic Tuesday! :D


The World of Deej said...

Great tips. I'd add that you can also get free cups of water from any counter service restaurant. Sure beats paying for bottled water!

Amanda said...

Great tips! We always freeze bottled water to have throughout the day, even if we aren't going when it's super hot! Love the pictures too :)

Bitten by the Disney Bug

Bird said...

Deej, we definitely took advantage of the free ice water. We used them to refill our bottles once they were empty. Great tip!

Amanda, yeah, you can't go wrong there, no matter what time of year it is!

Unknown said...

Great post, always good to get yourself out of the heat at times. Just like everyone else I love spending every minute in the parks but it won't be Magical when you're getting sick from the heat.

Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

Mouse Fan Diane said...

Awesome ideas, thanks Bird. We freeze the bottles everywhere we go at home so why not Disney too.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Thank you for all the wonderful tips. I am sure with the little grand kids we will need all the tips we can to stay out of the heat. Our trip is approaching fast. I will be sure to stop back often to learn more.

Manda said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! :D Bird definitely gave us some wonderful tips! :D

Kelly said...

Yes, yes and yes!!! That is the way to beat the heat at WDW. Let's not forget those misters throughout each park. Oh yeah and the water rides...lol. Great post Bird!!

Bird said...

Grandma Bonnie, I hope you havea wonderful time!!

Kelly, great additions! The misters throughout the parks are great! Personally, I don't do the water rides in the heat... I'm too fat! LOL My legs rub together and that's definitely no fun with wet shorts! Take my word for it!! ;-) But I'm sure it's an excellent way to cool down!

Cathy said...

Great words of wisdom to deal with the heat. We may be going next month and I'm sure we'll follow some of them, if not all of them.

Bird said...

Cathy, hope you have a wonderful time!!

Manda, thanks again for having me! And thank you for all your kind words! You're an amazing blogger and a wonderful Disney pal!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Great tips! FL can get sooo hot!

Manda said...

So glad to have had you Bird!! :D You're an awesome Disney blogger too! And I'm so glad to have you as a Disney buddy!! :D

Jen said...

Such good tips! I also love those fans that spray water too...altho definately not good if you're planning on taking a lot of photos - mascara running down both cheeks! x

Manda said...

lol! aww Jen! You should invest in waterproof by the sounds of it! :P

Anonymous said...

These tips will come in handy here at home in the Midwest too. It's been incredibly hot...but no castle. :o(

:DISTherapy said...

You really hit on all the best tips! I love the heat, but my hubby wilts when the temps go over 60 degrees :(. We tried the misters for him, but he wasn't happy until I invested in an ArctiCollar. It works wonders and keeps Mr. Cranky away!!

Bird said...

:Dis, we've used the collars for other events, I can't believe I forgot to take them to Disney!! Excellent addition to the tips. Thanks for sharing!!

Ashley said...

There are also spray bottle fans that you can find in most CVS/Wallgreens/gift shops here in Florida that also have the foam blades - but you can mist yourself with water as the fan blows to cool you down even more. Those will be a bit more, but so worth it. I have also frozen the water water bottle part without the top (filled 1/3 and laying on its side so the tube can still go in) for even colder water. Here is one on Amazon that is close to what you find here.


Manda said...

Thanks for the tips :DIS and Ashley!