Saturday, 25 June 2011

Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop!

I'm so excited to be joining this hop for the first time! :D Please check it out over at Disney Bird's Blog!
I love to Disney Blog, it's so awesome to get to know so many Mouse-Mined people who share my Disney passion! But it's also pretty cool to find out a little more about the amazing people behind the blogs! :)

I'm a little late but it's still Saturday all the same! :P I thought I'd share something super exciting that I did this week! :D I saw Take That at Hampden Park, Glasgow!!

I adooore Take That! I don't really buy cd's much, I download more, but I always buy all of theirs :) Their tours are always amazing! This one had a 60ft robot!! Most of my pics are blurry from dancing about lol! - but there's some brilliant photos on this news website! Check it out! :) This one was taken by my sis who was in the standing area! :)

Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

I love that in your photo you captured everyone else taking a photo. I don't know many songs by Take That, I know more of Robbie solo, but it looks like it was lots of fun. :o)

Manda said...

lol! Yea! They said "Ok guys! Photo opportunity!" and everyone put their cameras up! :P

Kelly said...

What a neat picture!! I do not know the band but will look into them now. Have a magical day!!

Manda said...

Yey Kelly!! They were huge in the UK in the 90s and broke up in 1996 - then they reformed in 2006, but only 4 of them (without Robbie Williams) I think their best stuff was as a 4 from 2006-2010! Look up the Beautiful World Album and the Circus Album :) Then Robbie came back for their newest album called Progress but it defo has a different sound now that Robbie is back! The oldies are good too though - you can't beat 90s cheese pop!! :P

Unknown said...

That's a great picture, I wasn't a huge Thake That fan. I was a huge Backstreet boys fan haha

Manda said...

ME TOO! Oh I LOVED the Backstreet boys in the 90s! :D They're still pretty good now though :) lol!

Bird said...

Sorry I'm so late in getting around... We had a busy, busy weekend! I'm so glad you joined in this week though!

While I'm not familiar with Take That (although I'll be looking up the albums you recommended) I just love going to concerts. I couldn't care less if I even knew who was playing. There's just always something so enjoyable about seeing a band live! Glad you had a good time!

Thanks again for joining the hop! I'm loving this!