Friday, 10 June 2011

PROM Movie released in the UK today!

I've been waiting to see this movie for ages! It was released in the U.S over a month ago on 29th April! I might have to wait a little longer though since I have a busy weekend ahead! :) Maybe I can convince the bf to take me Sunday night ... even if it is a bit of a girly movie :) ( shhh :P )

It's been released in the UK just in time for our Prom season :) I love the collage style promo poster!

Check out the trailers!

Had I known what I know now ... I probably wouldn't have taken my high school prom as seriously as I did! My dress had to be perfect, my hair had to be perfect - there was so much pressure because it was a 'once in a lifetime' thing! But looking back I realise the most important thing was to just have fun! I sorta wish I had done what these girls did! lol!

Go to Prom as a Disney Princess!? YES PLEASE! I wish I'd thought of this! :D 
You can check out the story behind this photo at!

If I was to choose a Disney Princess to go to prom as, it would probably be ...

Ariel! In her gorgeous pink dress! Complete with red wig and fork accessory of course :)

I'd probably have tried to convince my girl-friends to go as Disney Princess' too ... how cool would that have been!? Except I think it might it have taken a liiittle bit of persuasion ... I'm pretty much the only Disney nut! :P

What Disney Princess would you go to Prom as??

Happy Friday everyone!!


Tricia from Return to Disney said...

I never went to prom but always kind of wished I could - not to attend the event itself, but to wear the dress! If I had to choose a princess, I'd probably go for Belle....or maybe Cinderella.... you dress up for Halloween in the UK?

Unknown said...

Aurora was always my favorite princess as a kid but since I am a brunette I probably would pick Belle. Actually, if it were my high self picking, I would go as Maleficent. I had a little bit of a goth thing going on then. :o)

Manda said...

Aww Tricia! You don't need an excuse to wear a dress! :P You can wear one just because! :D And YES we dress up for Halloween in the UK :) We don't go as all out as the Americans seem to ... it makes me sad :( lol but I always go all out! Last 2 years in a row I was a Vampire - I got proper teeth from the US that mould to my real teeth! I must show you a photo! :) Year before that I was a Care Bear! And I can't remember before that! :P I also dress up as a pirate every September for national talk like a pirate day! There's usually some sort of pirate club night I go to! :) What about you? Do you dress up for Halloween? :D

Maleficent to prom would be SO cool Melissa! :D No one would see that one coming! :P She's SUCH an awesome character! :D

Rebecca said...

Belle hands down! :)