Saturday, 18 June 2011

Disney Store Fragrances - Exciting News!

I was in the Disney Store this morning and bought some of the new 'Imagination' fragrance items!

I say some ... 3 out of 4! lol! I got the Room Spray, Candle and Hand & Body Lotion. There is also a Hand Wash :) The smell is aaahmazing! It says "An enchanted forest of sequoia trees, cool moss and green leaves", but to me it just smells like the Disney Store lol! I think they've been very clever and pumped the smell into the store since the refurb - so that guests associate the smell with visiting the Disney Store :P And how cute is the packaging!? It features the magical trees as seen in store! :D

I tried out the tester Hand & Body lotion before deciding to buy it since I have sensitive skin - no problems there! I also get dry hands easily - the lotion has done wonders! And I was walking around for the rest of the morning sniffing my hands like crazy! I must have looked like a total weirdo to anyone who noticed me lol!

But here's the Exciting News!!

I was chatting to a Cast Member, who told me that there are more fragrances to come! There will soon be a Princess inspired fragrance, a Fairies inspired fragrance and a Mickey inspired fragrance ... and a special one for Christmas time too! The next one to be released should be the Mickey one but she wasn't 100% sure :) She also said the candle will have a gold mickey on the front ... it sounds so cute!

I'm sooo looking forward to more fragrances! If 'Imagination' can bring the magic of the Disney Store into my home then I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can see more information on 'Imagination' and goooorgeous product photos at!

I also picked up the 'Imagine' single! 20% goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital - Check it out!

Have a Magical Weekend Everyone!! :D



My local Disney Store closed down (still not over that!) so I will either have to order this online, or wait until I'm in Disney next month. Sooooo not good at waiting!

Manda said...

It closed down!? That's rubbish! I hope they build one near you again soon! It might be exclusive to Disney Stores but I'm not sure :) Order it online! :D The Hand & Body Lotion is awesome! I put some on earlier and my hands are still really soft! :D

Unknown said...

So cool! The closest Disney store to me is 2 hours away. Hopefully I will get there soon because I need this lotion! :o)

Manda said...

Yikes! I dunno what I would do if mine was 2 hours away! D:
Yep yep yep deffo get the lotion! It's amazing! :D