Friday, 17 June 2011

Disney Dads Blog Hop!

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I appreciate my dad everyday, but I love fathers day because it gives me a chance to really show it! Usually in the form of presents! (Which he's humble about ... but he never complains! :P ) He always gets lots of chocolate to stash away in his office and munch on as he pleases lol :)

Here's the card I've got for my dad! I thought I'd share it since it's so cute! :D

One of my favourite Disney memories with my dad is from Disneyland Paris in 2003! This was the first time we had been as a family since the opening in 1992 ( Yea, a big gap I know! :P ) My sisters and I went on Big Thunder Mountain for the first time and loved it! Mum and Dad were waiting for us at the exit - we jumped off the train and ran as fast as we could to meet them! Dancing  around them we exclaimed "You guys have to come on!! It's SOOO much fun!!" So, of course, Mum and Dad joined us in the queue to go on again! We were all in the same carriage - mum and dad were in the seats behind us ... but we had forgotten one thing ... my dad isn't a fan of heights! He can climb ladders and stuff, so I had never actually seen him afraid of heights, I'd only been told so! lol! And I was about to find out just how much he really was afraid of heights! It never dawned on me ... I was too busy having fun! ... but Big Thunder Mountain is pretty high up! Check it out!

I had never heard my dad yell "AAARRRGGHHHHH!!!" so much in my life! While my sisters and I were having the time of our lives ... my dad was genuinely terrified in the seat behind! He was sorta laughing too ... but terrified at the same time! On top of that my mum gets anxiety sometimes - and this was definitely one of those situations! So she was trying to rummage about for her calm spray lol! By the time it was over, it's fair to say my dad looked a little bedraggled! lol! They both laughed so much afterwards ... but we haven't managed to get either of them back on since! They aren't roller-coaster people at all! They definitely prefer the slower rides :P My dad's favourite is probably Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast! :P He always beats all of our scores!

Apart from that colourful memory, there are of course memories of him skipping up main street with my mum and doing silly dances to the park music throughout the day. Oh and shedding a teensy tear at the fireworks sometimes but we always catch him! :P Trips to Disneyland Paris always bring out the best in my dad (and mum too!) they totally forget they're adults and just have fun ... which to some kids might be totally embarrassing - but me? - I love it :) Don't get me wrong, my dad is pretty hilarious the rest of the time too, he's got some sense of humour! But Disneyland has that way of making parents act like they wouldn't normally act on any other holiday - just like a kid again - and it's sooo much fun to see! :P

Don't ever forget to thank your dad (and mum!) everyday, in some way or another! You probably wouldn't be the wonderful person you are without them! :)

And thank you to all the great Disney Dads out there in the Disney blogging community! You all do such a wonderful job of bringing Disney magic to the Disney blogosphere from a dad's point of view! :)

And once again, thank you so much to Disney Donna Kay for hosting this awesome Blog Hop!
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Hope everyone has a wonderful fathers day! How will you guys be celebrating?

Happy Friday everyone!! :D


Casey @ Yes They're All Mine said...

ohh I can imagine his look! I have similar memories with my dad at Walt disney World!

The World of Deej said...

That's an awesome story. My Dad loved coasters when we were kids, but with age he's developed a fear of heights also. Just to prove us he could still do it, he and my wife were the only ones to brave the Top Thrill Dragster in Ohio which goes 115 mph and 410 feet in the air!

Amy - TheInfoMouse said...

That's a cute card! Thanks for sharing teh story about your dad.. ahh memories, so good!

Manda said...

Thanks Amy!Loved the info mouse post today btw! :) Made me smile! I can't wait to go to the American Parks with my bf one day :)

DD said...

Love your story! Especially with the "French Twist"! I'm the scardy cat when it comes to rollercoaster rides, but I'm getting better. I totally sympathize with your dad.

Unknown said...

Awesome post and a great story! My Dad was kind enough to ride the Tower of Terror with my sister again after I chickened out. He got a little sick afterwards but never complained. Your Dad and Mom sound amazing. :o)

Manda said...

lol! I like TOT but the feeling it gives me in my tum? It takes a little while for me to get over it when I come off! :P Thanks! :D They are amazing :P Your dad sounds pretty amazing too! :D