Thursday, 23 June 2011

Disney Blog Hop Thursday - Magical Moments!

A warm welcome to this weeks Disney Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful Lisa from Babes in Disneyland! If you're new to the hop ... Hi there! If you've been here before ... Hello again! :D

I am so honoured to be co-hosting the Disney Blog Hop this week! 
Thank you so much to Lisa for this awesome opportunity!

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This weeks theme is Magic Moments!

I usually try to think outside the box with the themes, but with this one I wanted to go obvoous! :P For me, every 'Disney Moment' is magical - I get goosebumps just watching a Disney movie at home, never mind being in the parks! But one of the most magical of all Disney moments for me is when I'm heading down to the Disneyland Paris entrance for the first time on a trip ...

I know the walk to the front of the Disneyland Hotel like the back of my hand lol, but the first time after not being there for a while is always breathtaking. The fountains, the flowers, the trees, the windy paths - it's magical before you even get through the turnstiles! :P And once you do ... oh boy ... there is nothing on this earth except entering Main Street that makes me jump and skip in the air squeeeing with excitement! The sound of the Main Street music, the smell of Main Street Candy and Popcorn ... and of course ... the spectacular view of Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

"I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE!! I'M ACTUALLY HERE!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!" - throwing my arms in the air and jumping about ... but no-one even notices because its totally normal here :P lol! The excitement never really subsides for the rest of my stay ... but there's nothing like the first time on Main Street! Since I'm from Scotland, a jaunt to Dlp is usually every year or two - no where near as often as I would like. So even though I know the place inside out, I'm still mesmerised every time I see Sleeping Beautys Castle!

Yep - there I am - gawping at the castle like I've never seen it before even though this is my 7th trip :P

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! If you are new to the hop ... please join in! Here are the simple rules guidelines for the Disney Blog Hop!
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  6. Finally - Have Fun!


Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean. The moment I see the castle for the first time on a trip I feel like its the very first time all over again. Congrats on cohosting this week! :o)

Bird said...

I feel the same way when heading to Magic Kingdom!! It's knowing you're home!

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

I love it - that you can squeal like a 6 year old and nobody even bats an eye :)

Amy - TheInfoMouse said...

Hi Manda! Thanks for co-hosting the hop today :)

Unknown said...

I know how you feel, I always get a big smile across my face the moment I see the Disneyland hotel. Thanks for sharing

Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

Manda said...

Thank you so much everyone! It's so cool to be getting to know people who know EXACTLY what you mean about Disneyland instead of the usual "You're going to Disneyland AGAIN!?" Some people just don't understand! :P

Mouse fan Diane said...

Hi Manda, I know exactly how you feel, it's so true you get that total excitement feeling as you get close and it usually starts on the bus ride over for me.

Amanda said...

I know exactly what you mean! As soon as I see Cinderella's Castle I feel like I am finally there and have the feeling the whole trip!

Thanks for co-hosting this week!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Hi Manda!!
Thanks for co-hosting the hop this week!
I know what you me. Every time I see the castle I get all giddy and excited that we're there and on vacation. It's magical:)

The World of Deej said...

The entrance area to DLP is absolutely gorgeous. Even in the winter, when we've visited both times!

Mrs. Mommy MouseEars said...

I'm a Main Street USA "skipper" too! LOL :). Always love the DLP pics! Thanks for being our wonderful co- hostthis week!

Anonymous said...

What a great description! I LOVE seeing photos of your park. :o)

Casey said...

I totally understand what you are saying because I too feel the same way

Manda said...

Again ... Thank you SO much everyone! It's wicked to meet so many people who totally get your Disneyisms! :P