Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ariel Cosplay by ArielVanDeKamp!

I LOVE Cosplay! It's so much fun to dress up as your favourite character! How can it not be!? :P I love exploring the internet for different costume ideas ... and I came across an amazing girl who does Ariel Cosplay!

Ok seriously ... How awesome is she!? I wish I had all of Ariels outfits in my wardrobe! lol!

I've dressed up as Disney Characters before but ArielVanDeKamp takes it to a whole new level! 
Please check out the rest of her Gallery! You can also follow her on Twitter!

Have you ever dressed up as a Disney Character?

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone! :D


Amy - TheInfoMouse said...

Wow, she looks a lot like the Little Mermaid! The costumes are great!

Mouse Fan Diane said...

HI Manda, I love this post. She is very awesome. If I were brave enough I would dress up as Cinderella..

Manda said...

Doesn't she Amy! :D You should Diane! It would be so much fun! :P

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Wow, she's amazing!!! She really should be in the parks!!

Manda said...

I know right! :P I'm so jealous! lol!

Ariel Van De Kamp said...

Thank you so much, Mandas! You're the best!! ♥♥♥

Manda said...

No problem! :D Like I keep saying ... your cosplay is AWESOME!! :D