Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tangled Inspired Cupcakes!

Tangled came out on dvd here in the UK last week :) None of my family had seen it so we all watched it on Saturday night :) They laughed ... they cried ... and they loved it :D
I made these cupcakes during the day to munch on while we watched it :)
After all, you can't have a movie night without munchies! :P

I found this gooorgeous pic of Rapunzels hair when it's in braids with pretty flowers in it :) and thought I could make cupcakes iced yellow with pretty flower designs on them!

And here's what I ended up with!

And here's how I made them! :)

These were super super easy to make, I just had to find the right decorations!

I used ready made chocolate chip cupcakes (shh!) because I didn't have a lot of time that day! But they were Bakin' Boys so it's cool :P For the yellow icing I used Betty Crocker vanilla icing ( this stuff is amaaaazing! lol! ) and added some yellow food colouring.

For decorations I used Dr Oetker Wafer Daisies ( no I don't know what a doctor is doing selling wafer daisies either :P ) and some Asda Daisy Swirls! Both found in my nearest Asda :)
You could use any kind of flowery decorations you can find though :) Or even just draw on your own using coloured icing tubes! 

I also tried filling in the petals on the white daisy swirls using icing tubes to make them more colourful :)

I iced the cupcakes one at a time - this was important because I had to add decorations while the icing was still wet so that they would stick really well :)

Then I added some detail with different coloured tube icing - this part was fun! :)

I just made up cute flowery designs as I went along :)

I also tried a couple with some yellow lines to look like detail in her hair :)

Tah Dah! Some cute Tanlged inspired cupcakes!

These could probably be used for any sort of Princessy occasion :) Or like me, for just sitting at home watching Tangled on the telly :P

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

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Jodi Whisenhunt / Magical Mouse Schoolhouse said...

My daughter says, "WOW!" I agree!

Manda said...

:D! That is soooo sweet! Aww Thank you! :) Let her know I've got a big smile on my face! :P

Diane M said...

Manda, They are so beautiful, I couldn't eat them. Thanks for sharing

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

These are so cute! You can also buy edible flowers by Wilton. They sell here at all the craft and department stores.

Ashley @ Mama of All Trades said...

Love these!! They would be great for a Tangled Tea party!

Bird said...

Those are beautiful!! They look too good to eat! Well... almost... I can never pass up a good cupcake ;-)

Stephanie said...

So so cute!!!!!! I want one!

Disney on Wheels said...

These are so cute, I love them!

Christina said...

I love these! I've seen quite a few Tangled inspired sweets but this is the first time I've seen one inspired by her hair when it was braided with beautiful flowers. Such a great idea!

Manda said...

Thank you everyone so much for the kind words! :D

Thank you Diane! :D
Thank you Beth! Also I googled Wilton Edible flowers - My mind is blown! So cool!
Thank you Ashley! A Tangled Tea Party sounds SO cute! :D
Thank you Bird! I was proud of their prettiness but its wasn't long till they were comped down! :P
Thank you Stephanie! I'll mail you one :P
Thank you Disney on Wheels!
Thank you Christina! Glad you liked them :)

Beth Green said...

awesome! Feel free to ship them to Alabama if you want! :) I'm a sucker for cupcakes...

Manda said...

Thanks Beth! :D I could totally send you some! (Though it might be Tangled cupcake moosh by the time it crosses the water! :P)

luvlifeinfl said...

This the 1st chance I have had to check out the blog.

Those cupcakes look amazing! I also saw the apples, you must be a pro!

P.T. said...

Absolutely stunning! You are such a talented baker! Great job, Manda!

Manda said...

Wow Thanks luvlifeinfl! :D

Thank you P.T! :D You are always so kind :)