Friday, 20 May 2011

Star Tours 2!

So I'm stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere over the weekend with a total fail of a free "wifi" connection, trying to read all the updates about the opening of Star Tours 2 but not having much luck! I feel so cut off! :(! lol :P

I wanted to post about the Mickey and Minnie Apples I made a few days ago but uploading photos is pretty much impossible! So I'll have to make do with ... yep ... some more lols :) This time, Star Wars! Sorry for the lack of, but my connection keeps cutting off! :(

I'll have alot of catching up to do when I get back on Sunday! Have a brilliant weekend everyone!


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Quirky Homemaker said...

Cute blog! Following you from Tiggerific Tuesday!

Manda said...

Aww Thanks Michelle! :)