Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean Notebooks + Shopper!

I got these in the Disneystore at the weekend! I couldn't help myself, another Disney notebook is the last thing I need but I'm sure I'll work my way through them eventually! :P I can't wait for the Pirates movie!! :D Not long to go!!

First up is the A4 size Notebook!

The skulls beside Jack glow in the dark!

The paper on the inside is just plain lined ... I was kinda disappointed there was no watermark design like there usually is on the paper in these notebooks :(

I also got the small A7 Notebook :)

The whole skull design is glow in the dark!

The inside is pretty similar to the A4 notebook :)

It has this cool key-chain attached, so the notebook can also double as a giiiant keyring! lol!

And now for the coolest Pirates item I got ... the Shopper! I'm finding my collection of these things is growing! They are always so darn cute!

I love the blues in this design :) And this shopper has something I haven't seen in a Disney shopper before ... a small pocket on the inside! The design is a bit scary! but its perfect for smaller items that you might want to carry :)

Have you guys picked up any new Pirates items?

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone! :D


Magical Days with the Mouse said...

Great finds!

Heidi said...

I'm your newest blog follower and "like" your blog on FB. Welcome to the Magical Blogorail. I'm on the Orange Loop - which is up and running today - so be sure to check us out.

Manda said...

Thanks Sarah! :)

Thanks Heidi! I'm checking out the orange loop right now! :D

Bird said...

Ooohh, I do like that little pocket! I carry my Earth Day Mickey bag everyday to work. I shove all my folders and everything in there. It'd be nice to have that little pocket so the small stuff doesn't fall to the bottom...

Manda said...

Yea! I was chuffed when I saw it had a little pocket! I carry the regular sized Mickey Mouse one to work but it's on its last legs! The strap is ready to pop off! So I have my Earth Day and Pirates ones lined up next for when it eventually snaps on me! :P

Unknown said...

I love the shopper! I need to do some Disney shopping. :o)

:DISTherapy said...

One simply CANNOT have too much Johnny! (Enjoy the movie :D)

Diane M said...

Your Pirates stuff is so cool, I was just out today and got plates, cups, table cloth for our Pirate celebration.. Very cool blog post , stop by my blog I wrote a post about the movie and Capt. Jack.