Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mickey Popcorn Cake!

So for my 1 Month Birthday as a Disney Blogger I made this awesome popcorn cake! I posted just a picture of it last Saturday, but here is the recipe!! :)

I've seen a couple of different popcorn cake recipes online, so I decided to have a go at making my own with ingredients I love :) and also with a special Disney touch!

First I started by making some freshly popped popcorn! I used the butter kind but you could use sweet ... not sure about salted but everyone's tastes are different! :)

I made two bags but realised a little later than one bag was enough! :P

Now comes the fun part! Add some of your favourite noms! I used a cup of m&m's ... which was more or less a whole large pack! I used these Easter edition ones that came in cute pastel colours :) Then I used 2 cups of Rainbow Drops and finally 2 cups of Toy Story chocolate cereal!

Then I pre-greased a bundt pan with butter and set it aside (but you could use any type of cake tin)

Time to melt the marshmallows! First I melted a stick of butter on medium heat.

Then I added 450g Marshmallows, I melted the marshmallows on a low to medium heat, if the temperature gets too high they just start to burn!

The butter sort of wanted to stay separate from the melting marshmallow lol! But I just kept mixing, I had to be patient, and eventually the butter and the marshmallow all mixed together into this lovely gooey mixture! :) 

Then I poured this over the popcorn mix ... this bit was tricky! 
I had to mix it real quick because as soon as the marshmallow came off the heat it started to go sticky!

Then I scooped the mixture into the bundt pan - I had to move fast because the marshmallow was getting really sticky by now!

Then I covered the top with foil and once the marshmallow was cool I popped it in the fridge. While the cake was setting, I made some Mickeys to decorate it with from some ready to roll icing :)

  I sprinkled it with icing sugar to stop it getting sticky, and then used a bottle cap and
an icing nozzle to make the sizes of circles I wanted for creating Mickeys!

Ta dah!

After around an hour in the fridge I took the bundt pan out and removed the foil. I put a knife under some hot water to make it warm and ran it round the edges of the pan. Then I put a large plate over the bundt pan, flipped it over, and lifted the pan slightly. I had to wait for a minute ... at first it didn't look like it was going to come out but it did! Voila!!

Time to add some Mickeys! I used a pastry brush dipped in water to swipe over the
backs of my icing circles to make them sticky and placed them all over the popcorn cake!

And of course, I added a candle for the 1 Month Birthday of my Blog! :)
It can't be a Birthday Cake without a candle! :P

Time to cut the cake!

Om nom nom!!

Need a sugar rush? This is definitely it!! I had some on Saturday and kept it in the fridge, but come Sunday the popcorn was a bit soft ... so this cake is best eaten on the same day as making it! Yep, that's right ... ALL of it ... on the SAME day! Not that anyone needs an excuse lol! :P

Hope you enjoyed this recipe! Have a fab Tuesday everyone! :D

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Tricia from Return to Disney said...

Happy Birthday! I think I got a sugar rush just reading this :)

Disney on Wheels said...

Yum! This may have to attempt this. I think my nieces & nephews would love it!

Lexie Lane said...

Happy Birthday! Wow! This is the most creative cake I've ever seen!

Following you here from the Tiggerific Tuesday Blog Hop.

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Have a lovely day and a terrific week!

Take Care,

Lexie Lane

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Manda said...

Thanks DisneyonWheels! Let me know if you make one! :D Thanks Lexie! I'll check you out! Thanks for stopping by! :D

Anonymous said...

I think I could do this! I'm going to give it a try at my next party. No way would I want to be responsible for having to eat the whole thing in one day myself...because I would probably try!

Manda said...

Go for it hun!! Its SO yummy!! :D I would high five anyone who could eat the whole thing! Mine was so sweet I gave up after the 2nd piece! :P

Diane M said...

HI Manda,
congrats on your blog, i love the cake, I am now following you, I found you thru the blog hop, so if you like stop by my blog and say hi.

Denver Car Accident Attorneys said...

Very creative, it looks so yummy! Lovin' the cake so much! =)

Manda said...

Thank you! :)