Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Disneyland Paris Souvenir Tin

Look what I found! I was rumaging at the weekend and came across this cute tin from Disneyland Paris! I got this in 1999, I think it had bon bon type sweets inside :) There are 4 pictures on the side, all representing different areas in Disneyland Paris!

Main Street U.S.A!




And the Sleeping Beauty Castle on top with Tinkerbell!

I have no idea why Fantasyland was missed out from this design :( It would have been so cool if it had included all the lands ... but it's still pretty neat! Since it came from Disneyland Paris when the park was only 7 years old, I think it has quite a classic feel to it :) 

Hope you liked seeing this tin! More Disneyland Souvenirs to come! :D


Anonymous said...

Is the castle considered part of Fantasyland? Very pretty tin. I'll enjoy seeing more of your souvenirs. I'm planning to go through mine soon. Will be fun.

Manda said...

You know ... I thought that too! But a picture of mickey in front of the carousel would have been cool to represent Fantasyland along with all the others on the side of the tin :) Can't wait to see yours too! :)

Disney on Wheels said...

That is so cool! I love seeing souvenirs from different parks.

Manda said...

Aww thanks hun! :)