Monday, 23 May 2011

Disney Inspired Chocri Chocolate!

Hey everyone! Gosh I'm glad to be back home to proper internet! Instead of my usual Monday Disney Lols, ( I posted loooads last week anyways! :P ) I wanna show you some Disney inspired chocolate I got delivered a couple of weeks ago! :)

I got these from a very cool website where you can customize your own chocolate! You get to choose the type of chocolate, different toppings, and you even get to name your chocolate! 
I created three different bars, all inspired by different Disney movies and characters! :D

The first is called "HawiianRollerCoasterRide" which is of course inspired by 'Lilo and Stitch'.

This bar has a milk and white chocolate base, with mango cubes, pineapple bits, apple bits 
and orange bits ... I was going for a tropical feel :P lol

Next up is "To Infinity and Beyond!", inspired by Buzz Lightyear from 'Toy Story' :)

This one has a dark chocolate base to look like a night sky :P with chocolate pop rocks 
( or meteorites!:P ), star decorations and real silver flakes!

Finally, this bar is inspired by Princess Aurora :)

It has a white chocolate base with strawberry bits and heart decorations that remind me of the pinks in her dress, and real gold flakes to represent her golden crown :)

I also got a 4th bar with all my favourite toppings! I named it Mandasmixedmania! :)

This one is a milk chocolate base, with mini biscuits, cornflakes, rice crispies, nougat and toffee
... Om nom!

Chocri is an awesome website to check out :) There is one for the UK, one for the US and Canada, and one in German for France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

I have noticed a lot of negative feedback on the International Facebook page about delivery. All the chocolate is hand made in Berlin, and they wait until a palette is full before their delivery team pick it up. Then it takes about 10 days to get to your doorstep from there ... so there is quite a bit of a wait. I ordered my chocolate on the 16th of April and got an expected delivery date of 30th April! Over two weeks! My chocolate arrived a couple of days after the expected delivery date ... but trust me ... it was so worth it! lol! The wait didn't bother me but it could be a problem if you wanted to order for a Birthday; if you're buying for a special occasion, I would make sure it's waaay in advance! :)

So if you're having a moody Monday, you could always hit Chocri to cheer you up! :D

Have a great Monday everyone! :)


Unknown said...

Cool! You are so creative. :o)

Manda said...

Thanks hun! Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! :)

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Oh Yum! That looks delic! I'm such a chocoholic I'd have to do something with milk chocolate. Yes, Melissa is right. You are so creative! I'll check it out:)

tracy said...

these all look super super yummy. how much fun! i love then all.

Allison said...

Wow, thats super cool! Just checking in from the hop! So glad I found this sweet surprise. Yum!

Manda said...

Aww thanks DebºoºS! and tracy! They are defo worth the wait :) super yummy!

Manda said...

Thank you Allison! :)

:DISTherapy said...

Yummy Manda- I wonder if they would make the trip 'cross the pond??

Manda said...

They deliver in the US too! :) Might take a bit longer to reach you though! lol!

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- Jessica @