Friday, 6 May 2011

Disney Cups and Jug from Disneystore!

I treated myself to these at the weekend! I had spotted them on and planned to get them next time I was in store ... They are awesome items in real life!

I love the Mickey shaped handle at the top! It's Sooo cute!

There are three different cup designs - Mickey, Donald and Minnie feature on one side ...

And when you flip them over, you get Pluto, Goofy and Daisy on the other!

I love the style and colours, they remind me of Pop Art and the 

If you click to enlarge this image, you'll see what I mean because of the dots on the girls face ... 
the same way the dot designs appear on the cups :)

Here are some more detailed photos of the cups, followed my more detailed photos of the Jug :)

There is also a nice big chunky handle, something I think is missed a lot in these big jugs
 ... you need a big handle for a big heavy jug of juice!

It also comes with 10 reusable freezer blocks in cute mickey shapes! I love the colours too! 
Nice and bright and summery!

Overall these cups and the jug are wicked! The designs are so interesting and have a retro feel, but are modern at the same time :) Both are a good large size and are made of a tough plastic, so they are great for outdoors in the summer. The freezer blocks are also awesome, I love these because they don't melt like regular ice, which can sometimes change the flavour of whatever you're drinking!

The cups are £3.50 each, and are available at UK Disney Stores and on
The Jug (incl 10 freezer blocks) is £10.00, and is available at UK Disney Stores and on

I can't wait to use these! Hope you enjoyed this review! :)


Unknown said...

Very cute. I love the pop art look too.