Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shopping on a Saturday!

I went shopping today! :) And where did I end up but the Disney Store :P amongst other places :) 
So I thought I would share what I got! :)

Earth Day Shopper from the Disney Store - I love these big bags! They are so handy when you go food shopping :) and they're so much cuter than the supermarket branded ones :P

I also got this 3 pack of plastic cups in the Disney Store for only £6!

Here's what they look like on the back :)

I got this in top in Primark for £8! So cute! :)

This necklace was also in Primark for only £1.50! I thought it was kinda Disney-ish :P

Hope everyone has a Super weekend!


Unknown said...

I love all of your purchases! I bought a new Mickey shirt this week, like I really needed another one. :o)

Manda said...

lol! Tell me about it! :P I never need another one but that doesn't stop me! :P