Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding Party Food! Princess Teacakes, Strawberry Cream Scones and Mocktails!

Today Dana at Dragynally has organised a brilliant 'Wedding Wednesday' to celebrate the Royal Wedding this Friday and to get everyone in the mood for the online viewing party that she has also organised! Even more exciting ... there is also going to be a fantastic giveaway during the party with loooads of great prizes! Please see the bottom of this post for more info!

Lot's of bloggers are taking part, so please check out everyones Wedding Wednesday posts by clicking the links on the Dragynally Blog! I chose to focus on Royal Wedding Party Food! I came up with three yummy ideas!

Princess Teacakes!

This recipe was inspired by the Princess Aurora Tiny Teacakes recipe at I did more or less the same thing, but I stuck to a pink theme to make them even more princessy!

I sorted out my toppings first! I took some sweetened desiccated coconut and added a couple of drops of pink food colouring. It clumped up to start with but I just kept mixing! It won't cover the coconut completely, but it gives it a lovely pink tinge! :)

Then I did the same with some caster sugar, again it really clumped up when I added the food colouring, but I just kinda smooshed the clumps into the rest of the sugar against the side of the bowl to spread the food colouring out. To keep mixing was the key! :P

My third topping was just some pink 'glimmer' from Asda, it's kind of sparkly ... super cute! 
So I set my three toppings aside.

I also found some ready made princess themed cake decorations to use!

Then I made some icing! Just the simple kind with icing sugar and water :)

Then I took some Madeira Cake, sliced the ends off and cut it into cubes. The cake was quite thick, so I split it into rectangular shapes and then halved them. The top and bottom of the cake was sticky so I made sure they were sticky side up so that they didn't stick to my plate! 

Then I dunked the cubes, sticky side down, into my icing and then into one of the toppings!
Keep any pink sugar you have left, it's going to come in handy later :)

And pretty soon I had some gorgeous princessy tea cakes! Perfect for a Royal Wedding Party!

How cute!? And they were super tasty too! :P

Strawberry Cream Scones!

This recipe was inspired buy Belle's Strawberry Rose Shortcake at!

Strawberrys!! Nom!! :)

I washed them and cut off all the tops

Then I took one of the larger ones and cut off the tip too 

Then I started to create my rose! I made a slice around 3/4 of the way down the side of the Strawberry...

Turned it around and made another ...

And so on ...

After the fourth cut, I used the knife to press against the slices to put them out slightly
to form the petals of the rose

Then I shaped the inside section so that it was more rounded. When I sliced the corners off, I just mooshed the extra strawberry down inside the flower, as this sort of kept the petals open.

And there you have it! Some beautiful Strawberry roses! I was so chuffed with these! :P

Then I took a pack of scones, cut them in half, and added some whipped cream to the middle! I just used the canned kind for quickness :)

Then I added some whipped cream to the top of the scone, and put one of the roses in the middle, then I took some vertically sliced of strawberry and added these around the sides. I had some trouble balancing them on the edge of the scone, so I cut them down to be shorter ...

And it's as simple as that! I would put these together last minute and serve them straight away! Because the whipped cream started to collapse quite quickly and the strawberry's started falling off! An alternative would be to use thicker cream to hold them in place :)

Kids Mocktails!

I decided to make some cute Mocktails to go with the party food! Non-alcoholic cocktails mean that the whole family can enjoy them! And younger ones can feel special drinking a pretty 'grown up' drink! :)

Blushing Bride

First I took some pink caster sugar (plain sugar with pink food colouring mixed in) and popped it on a plate. Then I took a wine glass and an orange wedge, and ran the wedge round the rim of the glass - I was quite generous so that lots of pink sugar would stick! Then I dunked the glass into the pink sugar - the sugar sticks to the sticky orange juice, giving this cool pink crystally effect! Very princessy ;)

Then I used some pink grapefruit diluting juice (but you could use any other pink coloured juice you like) I picked this up because I liked the subtle pale shade of pink :)

I added a small amount to my wine glass, and topped up with lemonade and some ice. Then I garnished it with a Strawberry! :) Pretty!


I called this Honeymoon because of the gorgeous sunset look that it has! First I took some 
fruit salad squash (or you could use any other orange coloured juice), 
added a small amount to a nice glass and topped up with lemonade :)

Then I took some apple and blackcurrant squash and poured this very slowly and carefully down the side of the glass. This meant that the dark coloured juice settled at the bottom of the glass, creating a super cool sunset look! Then I added an orange slice for decoration!

And there you have it! A gorgeous sunset inspired Honeymoon cocktail!

A Mickey Mouse Mocktail!

I couldn't help myself! Nothing to do with the Royal Wedding but who cares! How awesome is this!? :P 
I used apple and blackcurrant squash mixed with lemonade and added two orange slices to make Mickey ears! :D You could pretty much make the drink anything you wanted though! Add two Mickey Ears made from orange slices and its a Disney Lovers Dream! :)

Round Up!
So here is everything together ready to go!

Ta daah! :)

Now onto the important information on the Royal Wedding Online Viewing Party and Giveaway!

Royal Wedding Online Viewing Party!

This will take place online this Friday! Be sure to check what time the wedding will be on in relation to your timezone! :) You can RSVP to the party on Facebook or simply join FriendFeed and subscribe to the party!


During the viewing party there will be a trivia on all the blogposts included in the Wedding Wednesday post at Dragynally. Prizes so far include 2 Kate Middleton Paper Doll sets, a $5 Starbucks gift card, a Disney Earth Day bag, a Disney autograph book from pixievacations 2 Cars2 window clings, 2 Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides t-shirts, 3 Tron soundtracks and a copy of Tangled on DVD/Blueray! Awesome right!?

Be sure to read all the blog posts and be the first to answer some trivia during the Royal Wedding Viewing Party to win a prize! Simple!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Disney on Wheels said...

Everything looks so yummy!

Manda said...

Thanks! :D

DebºoºS said...

Mmmm everything looks stunning! I'll now have to find the apple currant squash and try your recipe. That's brilliant and beautiful!

Deb ~ visiting from twitter

Tricia from Return to Disney said...

Beautiful!! I might just use these for my little Princess's birthday in a few weeks :)

Manda said...

Thank you guys!! ^.^ :D