Friday, 15 April 2011

Reach 'Fur' the Skyyy!

It's Friiidaaaaay! Weekend is almost here! :) 

I wanted to show you my Build-a-Bear Puppy! I got him for Christmas from my boyfriend (yep, he spoils me :P) and he's dressed just like Woody from Toy Story!

He has his own little gun holster!

His own Sheriff badge!

His own boot spurs!

And even has his own pull cord! And a hat that's just like Woody's!

I loove this Woody Puppy! He's so cute and cuddly! :) Only problem is ... he doesn't have a name! My boyfriend said the lady in the shop suggested 'Patch' because of the patch of white fur on his eye ... but that was kind of cliche! (Just a tad lol!) and 'Woody' is too obvious ... so can you guys help me out?? What can I call this poor nameless puppy! :)