Thursday, 7 April 2011

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular® Now Featuring Lightning McQueen!

This is a brilliant way to bring Cars character Lightning McQueen to life in the Disney Parks! 

Here's a promo video:

And here is a spectator video of the Lightning McQueen Sequence in the show! (Warning! Do no watch if you don't want this magical moment spoiled!) Thank you to Youtube user loaloauk for capturing this!

And here is another, shot from further back, from Photosmagiques!

Whilst the sequence isn't as 'epic' as I imagined (It would have been cool to see Lightning McQueen do some stunts!) ... I can imagine seeing the Cars star in real life would be pretty magical for younger kids, and bringing him right out close to the crowd definitely adds to this experience. It still has the goosebump factor when you hear the gasps from the crowd when he appears on set! And who can complain about hearing Owen Wilson's silky voice over the speakers? :P lol!