Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Nest Cakes!

Its Easter Friday! Yeeey! And since it's Easter ... I thought I would try a classic Easter treat recipe with a Disney twist! I found this recipe for Humming Bird Nests, inspired by the Disney movie Pocahontas on! They are SO cute! ^.^ I also made Honey Nut Chocolate nests! :) Om nom nom!

Humming Bird Nests
The recipe for the Humming Bird Nests is so easy! I changed it a bit from the Disney recipe to suit my own tastes :) I only needed three ingredients! Some white cooking chocolate, some shredded wheat and some green tic tacs.

I melted the bar of chocolate in a bowl using the microwave, I just did it in 30 second bursts so that the chocolate wouldn't burn. Then I mixed in a tablespoon of hot water - this thinned the chocolate, which meant it didn't dry as quick and I had more time to make my nests! In hindsight though, I don't think I would have added the water. Whilst it gave me more time to work with the chocolate, it did make the shredded wheat a liiiittle bit soggy ... I think this step is probably more suited to the Disney recipe, since that includes noodles instead of shredded wheat! Then I added a handful at a time of crumbled shredded wheat and stirred until I was happy with my mixture (some people like it more chocolatey than others!)

Then I spooned some of the mixture into a fairy cake case, shaped it like a nest and added two 'humming bird eggs' - green tic tacs! The Disney recipe shows the Wintergreen flavour which is a lovely turquoise colour ... but I couldn't find these anywhere! So I settled for green ones from the orange and lime pack :)

The tic tacs are so cute! And the great thing about using these is that they are around about the same size as the real thing! Crazy, right?? I felt that the fairy cake cases were a bit big ... so I switched to mini cup cake cases.

I liked these waaay better ... mini cupcake cases just upped the cuteness of the humming bird nest cake! Win! So I made more from the rest of the mixture, and popped the big one in the middle! Nommy!

The Disney recipe says you can assemble the nests on top of some pretzel sticks to look like a branch ... but I used double chocolate fingers! Cute huh? :D

And! I was left with all the orange tic tacs! My boyfriends favourite ... I'm sure I can bribe him to do something for me with this! :P

Honey Nut Chocolate Nests!
Again, these are super easy! ... that's why I love this Easter recipe ... one of the tastiest and SO easy to do! I used Honey Nut Cornflakes, regular cooking chocolate and mini chocolate eggs! I melted a pack of cooking chocolate, stirred in handful's of the cereal until I was happy with my mixture...

... put a spoonful into a fairy cake case, shaped it into a nest, popped some Cadburys Mini Eggs in the middle and ... Voila! Classic Easter Nest Cakes ... with a yummy Honey Nut twist! :)

Two totally different Easter treats ... done! This only took me around half an hour to make ... and it would be great to do with kids, even really young ones, because there is no way it can go wrong! The combinations are endless ... choose what you love! Different types of chocolate, cereals, and sweets for the eggs! Let your imagination run wild! :)


Jackie said...

Oh these are cute! My daughter and I love doing things like this. We will have to pull out the movie tomorrow and do this little treat!~ Thank you!

Manda said...

Aww! :P You're welcome! Hope you had fun if you made them! :D

Room Dividers nyc said...

All them are awesome and cute.. Little one.. Looks very sweet..