Friday, 8 April 2011

Tangled Glimmer & Glow Birthday Lantern

So I got this for my birthday a couple of weeks ago! (Get it? Birthday Lantern for my Birthday? squee!)

It only appears to be available from two places in the uk - Tesco for £12.97 and Argos for £12.99.

Here's the description from Tesco's website:

"Join Rapunzel''s birthday celebrations with this magical Disney Tangled Glimmer ''n'' Glow Birthday Lantern. This dazzling lantern allows you to instantly light up your room to the song, "I See the Light”, or you can remove the cover for a magical projection of birthday lanterns to brighten up any room!
Please note: Requires AAA batteries (included). Age range: 3 years+"
(Product Height: 25.4cm, Width 16.5cm)

Which pretty much sum's it up! :P

Like I said I fell in love with it straight away. Having seen the movie, I really appreciate the ideas behind this Disney product. The song it plays, together with the projection of 'Birthday Lanterns' is magical, and represents one of the best scenes from the movie!

The back of the Lantern shows a gorgeous castle and lantern scene from the movie

The 'Birthday Lantern' projection part

(If you've seen the movie, you'll appreciate the detail in this button!)

Overall I loooove this product from Disney!
It's so well themed to the movie, and is so beautiful when it lights up!

Hope you enjoyed this review of Disney's Tangled Rapunzel's Glimmer & Glow Birthday Lantern!