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Disney Recipe - Easter Mega Cupcakes!

I made some Easter Chick, Bunny and Sheep (Mega!) Cupcakes last Saturday! :)

I found the recipe for the Chicks and Sheep at The recipe for the Bunnys can be found at!

Sometimes when I find a fun recipe like this I can't source all the exact ingredients that are listed (especially if they are specifically American ingredients not available in the UK - this happens alot!)
I also find that I never follow the instructions exactly either! So I wanted to show you how I made these with easily accessible ingredients and how I put them together!

First, I made 12 muffins, and 8 mini cupcakes. 
I used Asda Chocolate Muffin Mix and Fairy Cake Mix for quickness and easiness!

Chick Cupcakes 

I decided to make 4 of each animal design, since I had 12 muffins. 
To make the Chick Cupcakes, I iced the tops of 4 muffins with yellow coloured frosting. 
I used this recipe, and coloured it with yellow food colouring.

Then I placed a mini cupcake on top on its side (sorry, I should have taken a photo of this, but you 
get the idea further down when I show you the sheep cupcakes), and covered that with the frosting too. I used yellow food colouring to tint some dessicated coconut yellow, and dipped the top of the whole thing into the yellow coconut.

The flat side (or the top) of the mini cupcake is the face for the Chick. For this bit, the Disney recipe says to use red fruit leather, but I used Fruit Salad Bars! I cut the comb and beak shapes out of the bars with scissors. To create the beak shape, I cut a diamond shape and bent it round a toothpick. I had to do this fairly quickly because the fruit salad bar was getting sticky from the warmth of my hands! 
Then I used some black tube icing to make eyes.

After making the 4th Chick, I had a cute little flock of Chicks to guard the food in my fridge!

Sheep Cupcakes 

These were so much fun to make! I wanted to have my sheep sitting on some grass so I made these slightly differently to the Disney recipe. I started by colouring some frosting green and icing 4 muffins. At this point I figured it was easier to add the mini cupcake to a flat base, so I sliced the top off the 4 muffins before icing them. Some of the crumbs got mixed in with the green frosting, but it was ok because it made the 'grass' base for my sheep look like it has some dirt in it - so it was a bit more realistic! lol!

Next, I added a mini cupcake to the top, but this time, I didn't
 ice the whole thing like with the Chick Cupcake!

Then I used the rounded ends of chocolate fingers to make 4 Sheep legs! 
Two on one side and two on the other.

Then I took some mini marshmallows, cut them in half, and started sticking them 
to the mini cupcake (sticky side down) using plain frosting.

Once I lined the bottom as support, I used a dollop of frosting to 
stick a Malteaser to the front as a nose!

I continued to cover the rest of the mini cupcake in half mini marshmallows 
... this bit took patience but it was really fun!

I dipped two mini marshmallow halves in some pink sprinkles,
and used some frosting to stick them to the top as ears!
The Disney recipe says to use pink decorating sugar, but I used 'Pink Glimmer' from Asda.

For the eyes, instead of using mini M&Ms, I used Asda chocolate honeycomb.
The honeycomb pieces come in all different sizes in the bag, so I just fished out the small ones!
I used some frosting to stick these above the nose ... all done!

Some Sheep to keep my Chicks company!

Easter Bunny Cupcakes 

I couldn't make some Easter Cupcakes without including some Easter Bunnies!
Just as with the Sheep Cupcakes, I sliced the tops off 4 muffins, to make the flat top base 
needed for these Bunnies! Then I iced them with plain white frosting.
(By now I had  got the hang of it and managed to ice these muffins with little crumbs mixing 
into the frosting! I put a large dollop on and spread it out to avoid picking up the cake crumbs :)

I dipped the whole frosting area in dessicated coconut! Mmmmm!
This gace the face a fluffy bunny texture :)

Using normal sized marshmallows, I cut some in half and dipped the
sticky side into some pink glimmer to make bunny ears!
Important Tip! - In the Disney recipe video, Miranda stretches the marshmallows into oval shapes to create bunny ears, but I found that the marshmallows bounced right back into shape, so I really squeezed the marshmallow at both ends until my fingers were touching, to make it stick into a bunny ear shape :)

The Disney recipe says to use jelly beans for eyes and a nose, but I used some more Asda cake 
decorations, this time choco beans and sugar bobbles, to make the nose and eyes for the bunny!

Then I used a mini marshmallow cut in half and put the two halves on the cake sticky side down for bunny cheeks, and use some pink tube icing for whiskers!
Put it all together and you have a cute little Bunny Cupcake!

4 cute Easter Bunnies to go with my Chicks and Sheep!

These Cupcakes took a lot of time ... but they are so worth it!
I was so proud of them! :)

I hope I inspire you to give them a go yourself! Remember, you don't have to follow recipes exactly ... a lot of the time they can just give you inspiration to your own yummy ideas! If you don't have exact ingredients, get creative and substitute what you do have lying around your kitchen! :)


Unknown said...

These are so cute!

Unknown said...

too cute! When I first looked at the sheep (without reading what made the legs) I thought it was hotdogs!

manda said...

Lol! Hotdogs on a Cupcake sounds interesting! :P x

Unknown said...

Those are just too cute to eat! This will be a great project for my 7YO daughter. She wants to be a "maker" when she grows up ;)

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